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  • IanMunro

    What’s a good line for one person might be a rubbish line for someone else. Trying to sit down and explain it from head cam footage does sound a bit like overanalysing things, especially as the footage will give a very poor representation of what the trail looks like, feels like, and the mental and phyical state of the rider at that moment in time.

    The advice I give is to scan up and down the trail ahead, sharing the view between right at your wheel and a point away in teh distance. The further point, and the rate at which you scan between the two, will change according to both the speed and the type of trail. So, for eaxample, of fast swoopy goodness, you can afford to spend more time looking further up the trail and anticipating than on rocky lunacy where you’d look closer to the wheel and react more.

    Make any sense?

    Premier Icon Drac

    Plough on through.


    For one it’s alot easily to explain on the ground rather than from a camera view point, if you’re gonna teach skills make that part of the ride and not try to do it after the..if that makes sense.

    So find an obstacle, watch them do it, ask them why they did it that way..then explain and show them by pointing what you feel is the right line and why…then demonstrate and watch them do it…..

    However it sounds like you use my preferred method of ‘speed is your friend’ and batter your way through it(which doesn’t work quite so well on a chammy 🙁 )

    It’s mostly about spotting the exit, lining up for the next section and dealing with the approach..

    If anyone reading this has ever followed me, they know i’m making it all up…


    IM it may be over analysing but it seems the easiest way to pass on some knowledge and getting newbies to ‘look where your going and not where you are’ A lot of the time you don’t get the chance to have two or three runs at an obstacle. I’m probably passing on a whole host of bad habits 😳

    Sharki – follow you?

    It’s difficult when you’re so far ahead….

    Look at the rock garden in front of you wipe sweat from eyes mutter “Oh Sh*t this is gonna hurt” deep breath and let it roll

    If you get to bottom in one piece turn to your mates and bullsh*t about that smooth line you took round the bend and how you used that big rock as a kicker to manual over that stutter section and how you went high on the bank to get a better line through the last section


    Spot a line through an obstacle?

    I’ve tried to explain it but can’t, I always seem to find the good/fastest line. But I don’t know how to pass this information on to younger rides when we sit down and watch the head cam of the trail.

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