How do you stop your hands from hurting in this weather?

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  • How do you stop your hands from hurting in this weather?
  • Premier Icon Trailrider Jim

    I wear Gore Windstopper gloves but after about 20 miles (ok, I admit, they’re darkside miles), my fingers are painfully cold. Any tips as I really don’t want to stop my Friday night rides as they sure are helping get me quick off-road.

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Better gloves? Need some with some thermal properties this time of year, not just windstoppers.

    Edric 64

    Silk or merino inner gloves maybe?

    Premier Icon flange

    Could be a number of factors

    Are you putting your gloves/kit on outside? I try to get fully dressed and ready to just get on the bike and ride (including glasses on, gloves on etc) before going outside. If you’re a faffer, try to pump your tyres up, fiddle with lights/gears/whatever before you get changed into your cycling gear.

    Is it down to the position of your bars? Do you get pins and needles at all in your hands? Try rotating the bars back a bit to take the pressure off your hands.

    Keep changing hand position. I was out on Tuesday and it was -7, different parts of my hands got cold depending on how I was holding the bars. Just moving them from the hoods to the top of the bars, to the drops made a big difference and got the circulation going.


    Mahoosive grrrt ski gloves FTW.

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Couple of guys I rude with use liners and I really temped by them as they have no issues with the cold.


    Turbo trainer?
    Ride offroad so you don’t get as much windchill
    Go running instead?
    My favourite – stay in and drink beer

    Seriously though,
    I have a set of windproof gloves 1 size too big and wear these underneath
    It’s what gets used in cold stores. you could probably use a pairs of these + a pair of marigold rubber gloves. Just don’t ride where the fashion police will see you.

    Once upon a time I had a set of neoprene gloves that worked on the same principle as a wetsuit, Toasty and warm but stank to high heaven!


    i wear no gloves. pick up the pace 😀 my hands are toasty warm after about 10mins of riding.

    Premier Icon Drac



    MTFU 😉

    Premier Icon cp

    thin liner gloves for me, and make sure your wrists are properly covered, both by a jacket and base layer if used – makes all the difference for me.

    Keep your arms, head and torso warm.

    Head and torso tellt he brain how warm it is and stop it from shtting off circulation to the extrmenities, so a warm jacket and skull cap can keep feet and hands warm.

    Leggings/arm warmers stop the muscles in the claves and forearms from getting cold which stops them constricting the blood vessels.


    same as Mr Bump.
    I don’t wear gloves only ever get cold hands from standing around or dull as **** sat down riding on open roads.


    Keep your arms, head and torso warm.

    er.. not sure about that? I don’t wear a helmet (or any other headwear) and generally ride in a T shirt all year round.
    I always wear trousers tho so you might be onto something with the idea of keeping most of your body warm.

    the common myth of losing more body heat through your head is proven to be bollox BTW

    Premier Icon neil the wheel

    Couple of guys I rude with use liners

    Bit cold for dogging isn’t it? But I’m pleased to see you’re taking responsibility

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Better gloves, obviously. Altura make some that are the warmest I’ve used. also make sure that your fingers aren’t pressing on the end – this reduces circulation and causes cold.


    I used to have a pair of Gore Windstopper’s great for when the weather is cool ie just above freezing but not great below.

    In this really cold weather I’m some cheapy Aldi ones which are brilliant and warm. However when it gets just above freezing they are just too hot and I get really sweaty palms 😈


    For commuting in really cold weather I use a glove liner with the cheap Thinsulate gloves over them, works great for me. The trick is for them not to be pressing against any part of your fingers.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Everybody’s metabolism is different. Me – I get very cold hands and feet, but my trunk gets overheated if I wear too much.

    Loose thick-ish acrylic knitted liners under thick loose gloves suit me.

    As do 2 pairs of Merino socks inside loose boots.

    keep the wrists warm – personally i have a pair of very questionable (in the taste department) of pink sweatbands and they work a treat, stops the wind chilling the blood before it goes into your hands as the blood vessels are very close to the skin on the wrists.

    i also agree with flange, it depends on how much pressure you put on the hands, try shifting them around the bars

    failing that take the gloves off and put your hands under your armpits


    Specialized Sub Zero gloves.


    Rule 5

    or better gloves.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Use silk inners
    Also can you get hold of those lobster style gloves, they’re a bit like split mittens?
    Just before putting my gloves/mitts on I always blow into them for instant warmth.


    HH inners (cheap from under aldi cycle gloves (even cheaper), hands like toast today. Inners make all the difference for me.


    The thing is, you can damage the nerves in your fingers due to the cold, and now when i go out hands are cold from a few minutes and then i cant feel them, then if they get warm when inside the pain is temendous.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I have a pair of Assos gloves where my index finger gets freezing really quickly. It’s because that finger is slightly short and impedes circulation.


    Carbon bars.


    I have terrible trouble with cold hands.
    I wear loose fitting outer thinsulate gloves and synthetic liners that I got from a friend who works in a cold store abbatoir.

    I find that if I wait until my hands are cold it’s too late. So, right from the start I’ll keep clenching and unclenching my fists in time with pedaling cadence in an attempt to keep blood moving. I also move my hands on the bars so as to create friction between hands/bars/gloves to generate heat.

    On the other hand, my feet are always OK! 🙂

    esher shore

    a great tip I can pass along to you

    choose a glove that has an outer glove, and an inner glove (I use Fox Anti Freeze)

    or buy a regular winter glove in a baggier size and then buy some Altura liners (or similar liner glove)

    put your liners on, and then put on workshop butyl gloves (or latex) on top of your liners (you can even use those PU gloves you can free at the petrol station next to the fuel pumps)

    finally put your outer gloves on top of this combo

    the workshop gloves stop any cold air that penetrates the outer glove from reaching the liners, you get a windproof lining with your liners underneath providing insulation!

    the liners will get a bit warm / sweaty as the workshop gloves stop the heat and water vapour escaping

    but you will have toasty hands, regardless of the weather! happy trails…

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    i use silk glove liners inside sealskinz winter gloves. was ok the other morning when it was -5. the sealskinz by themselves probably could be warmer, but i can recommend silk liners, make a huge difference for me.


    I have windstopper gloves and wear them with liners. Good tips above. Try to start with warm hands-warm the gloves on the radiator before leaving. Keep your core warm and wear a hat. Head to the nearest hill and push hard. If your fingers get cold, shake the blood down into the tips and loosen the gloves off around your finger tips. Failing that get some cold weather gloves. Had some very warm Endura gloves which were great before they crapped out.

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