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  • How do you split your finances at home?
  • brassneck
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    I pay for all household usual expenses (mortgage, food, bills, most of kids clubs / clothing etc.) but it’s not all my income that goes in – if more is needed I’ll generally pay for it.
    Mrs B works part time and saves a bit for projects and holidays (which I will generally also contribute a bit too). She then also has her own pot of money.

    We started this when the children came along, as we both suffer from a guilt complex if we spend on ourselves at all from a joint pot – it works better for us to have ring fenced ‘pocket money’.

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    joint account to pay all bills. but kept separate accounts to get paid to, including keeping savings separate, but mainly to spread risks. everything discussed and agreed over about £50..she does all the weekly shop but only works 3 days a week. Our hrly rates about the same but she works 1/3 of hrs I do. all money is ours, not mine or hers.

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    We put all earnings into one pot and buy whatever we want. If we have a month where we spent too much the month before we just calm it down the following month. Worked this way for ten years never had a single issue this way

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    we have separate accounts but we both have a joint account where we put our savings in. that pays for stuff like holidays, home repairs/maintenance and any other large spends
    i pay all the bills and the mortgage
    wife pays for the shopping and child care although i contribute 25% of the childcare.
    childcare costs will be be zero from september which will leave us with more to spend so it will mean we can both put a bit more aside into the savings too.
    this arrangement has always worked for both of us.

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    Talk here mostly about covering bills and buying nice to haves. What about saving for the future/retirement? Luckily my wife sees the importance with that but isn’t interested in the effort so she leaves this to me to look after which suits me. So she buys what she wants then I take the left overs and do something sensible with them. I cover all bills/holidays/both car costs….

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    Hellz85 – all the best with whatever decision to take.

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    What about saving for the future/retirement?

    Not a chance of that anytime soon!
    Realistically we’ll have to sell our house to fund our retirement.
    Despite both working full time in fairly good jobs the mortgage/kids suck up every penny we have every month.

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    I put lots in – she takes lots out

    Only ever had one income, I would probably faint with excitement of a second income appeared.

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    We’re both self-employed with separate accounts and sometimes I earn more, sometimes he earns more but we both have access to each other’s accounts and what comes in is ours, not ‘mine’ or ‘yours’. It works nicely and there’s no ‘secret’ spending (FFS- we’re grown-ups!) If we can afford to do or buy stuff stuff, we’ll do it or buy it regardless of who’s going to be doing it or using it. As long as we can pay the bills it’s all good.

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