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  • How do you manage your music collection ?
  • OK, so up until now, i’ve got loads of MP3’s stored in my computer’s hard drive, which get synced to my phone or streamed to speakers.

    I’ve been quite smug that this is much better than my dads preferred method of having at least one copy of every album on cassette tape, vinyl, mini-disc, CD and MP3.

    However, i rarely have the time/inclination to go searching for new music, or even change whats on my phone, so end up listening to the same old stuff all the time. Beginning to wonder if i should just ditch it all and use Spotify or something.

    What do other people do?
    Spotify (or alternatives?)

    Just listen to BBC 6 Music?

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Turn the Radio on in the car and JazzFM on Sky TV at home…. that’s it.

    Spotify premium all the way.


    Spotify and 6 music here…between them and my existing stuff I generally don’t get bored….


    Spotify Premium.

    All my own music is on a NAS, but I haven’t touched it in about 2 years.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    I like to listen to music on a proper hi-fi as well as casually on the computer.

    I’ve just started ripping my collection to lossless Flac.
    Then I’ll merge my existing digital lossless and high res collection with it (haven’t bothered much with MP3).
    Then tag it all properly with MP3tag.
    It’ll all go on a NAS.

    It’s a right pain, but then it will be great.

    On the computer for daily listening I use Last FM, spotify and 6 Music iPlayer in addition to my own collection.
    I don’t listen to music on the move much so I haven’t had to cater for that.

    Mr Woppit

    CD’s. Shelf. Everything else is online – my music collection is the last of the old skool holdouts…


    What makes spotify work so well for me is the ability to stream from an unlimited 3G phone to the stereo in my car/van…that and hitting ‘start radio’ when you hear a song you like pop up. My ‘liked from radio’ playlist has got hundreds of songs in it.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Google Music.

    A couple of years ago I ripped all of our CDs (prob c.200), the mp3s lived on the PC for a year or so, then google launched their Music manager and the whole lot was uploaded to the google cloud. I can listen on any device, or sync for offline play to my phone.

    I use google play to check out new choons, but not all of them are available, in which case I might have to download via amazon and then upload to google music.

    I dont pay for google’s unlimited streaming service as I reckon £120 a year is a bit steamy when I mainly like to listen to my own new albums or R6Music


    Mp3s are all on hard disk. I still get the odd cd as a gift or if it’s not available digitally. Otherwise I use Deezer as its cheaper than spotify

    Premier Icon DezB

    MP3s, CDs, Vinyl, minidiscs

    MP3s on harddrive (divided into genre folders (Seemed like a good idea at the time)), all in iTunes database and transferred to 250GB iPod and rotated when it gets full (it’s full, I could do with 3 or 4 more iPods)
    CDs on shelf (alphabetically, of course) and scattered about the room
    Ditto vinyl.
    Minidiscs in a drawer – get played in the bathroom


    I’m toying with the idea of a NAS setup and sticking all my mp3s on an itunes server doodad but spotify premium really is rather good.

    The google play option is also great but is missing a few things that spotify has, but does have the option of uploading your own collection to googles servers which is good for the properly obscure stuff you picked up at a gig somewhere.

    Currently, my collection via google is winning, because I’m too poor for spotify.

    Premier Icon kcal

    CDs on shelf (alphabetically, of course)

    Was going to link to Absolutely’s Calum Gilhooley on the intricacies of organising records, but it’s not available in UK 🙁


    so end up listening to the same old stuff all the time

    Shuffle all?

    As above, google music is good too and it’s auto dj based on a track is good too.

    Or spotify and its “radio station” mode.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I can’t do Spotify.. I have to OWN stuff.


    I have to pwn stuff.

    CDs on shelf and played on hifi same for vinyl

    ripped CDs and bought MP3s on NAS

    When I buy MP3s I usually buy CD with it 😯 I love the media

    I go to gigs, see new bands, decide whether to by or not

    Have started to play with Spotify only to discover new music which I then buy CD

    did I say I love CDs 🙂

    Van Halen

    google music. i’ve uploaded all my music so it streams to all my devices. my phone is unlimited download so i can listen away on my commute/in the car etc.

    i’m subscribed to the unlimited music as well as i love the opportunity to listen to new stuff recommended related to the bands i like. All teh bands i could never afford to buy a record of are now well as all the shitty stuff i never thought i`d hear again as i’d lost/damaged/burned the cd/tape/record. chuffing great!

    now all i need is to find a cd of the deleted stuff i used to have(GGFH KLF massacre)

    the teenager in the house LOVES it and it has definately changed her taste in music for the better! and even now the wee ones prefer orbital to those shitty kids song cd`s.

    best £7 a month ever.


    At home I usually just stick it on random/shuffle and it is a completely random shuffle unlike some. It took me days to go through all my music, ripping FLACs and MP3’s, setting the ID tags, albums/artist/artwork/genre… worth it tho!

    Spotify free at work to find new songs/albums then buy them when they are cheap. Radio is totally rubbish in the daytime.

    Friends rave about the Google Music thing.

    I went down the NAS route and filed all my CDs away in a large cardboard box.

    After two years I find I’m missing the act of browsing, selecting and listening to the physical disk.

    So I’m going to get them all out and file them alphabetically. I’m looking forward to buying a new CD player and possibly a new amp.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    Spotify Premium.

    Spotify Premium for me.

    I have a large collection of CD’s and a load of MP3’s. Neither of which really get looked at anymore. I can find everything I want on Spotify. I get to listen to lots of new stuff that i wouldn’t normally listen to, and I like the ability to listen to other peoples/organisations playlists. Also love the radio feature for general listening, and as has been said the ability to like a song from the radio and have it entered (and downloaded) onto a playlist quickly builds up a lot of songs that you really like, some you would never have found otherwise.

    You used to be able to select more than one genre on the radio, which gave you a really eclectic mix of stuff, but for some unknown reason they stopped this. This is my only gripe.


    Hey, Wan Halen, drop me an email if you’re after some old KLF stuff…

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Spotify Premium.


    My wife has organised my vinyl into the following:
    – Friday & Saturday night
    – Sunday morning
    – Housework
    – Crap

    CDs ripped to a hard drive, downloads go on there too. That”s attached to an Apple Airport Extreme and shared around the house. Also use iTunes Match for sharing to my AppleTV and ad-hoc adding to ipad/iphone.

    Spotify Premium and Radio 6 for discovering new stuff.

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    Google music.

    CD’s ripped to a micro server and now uploaded to Google.

    Blinkbox for finding new stuff. It’s the only free service I’ve found that lets you download playlists to your phone for offline use.


    All ripped to FLAC and held on a NAS which is linked to my streamer (all files backed up and stored elsewhere!). CDs in the attic.


    Albums in the boxes, singles on the shelves. WAV’s and FLAC’s on a massive HD in genre/alphabetical order. MP3’s have no place in my house.


    Spotify’s fine, if, and it’s a big if, you can guarantee you get a phone signal, and it’s got data. I have an unlocked iPhone with a 3 SIM, which allows unlimited data.
    Which would be fine if there was any sort of consistent network connection, let alone data; I barely get two bars of signal, and that can vanish every ten minutes or so, and that’s at work and at home. I can only imagine those who advocate the use of a cloud-based system of music storage, or streaming for all their music, either never leave home, or have an astonishing amount of luck in always having a strong network-data connection, ‘cos I never, ever get a signal that would allow the use of music streaming on 3, and O2 cap data at 1Gb/month, which is bloody useless.
    And free wifi hotspots? They’re a joke, most require having to register, then sign on every time you want to use it, if you can find one.
    How do I manage my music? It’s all ripped into iTunes, from the CD’s I buy, or get free with magazines like Uncut, and formerly The Word, and the few I download. Then I use Remote on my phone or pad to select what I want to listen to via my A/V system, and I put selected stuff on my old iPhone, which I use as an iPod, or on my 160Gb Classic.
    Which is pretty much full up now, so I’m looking at a LaCie 1Tb portable self-powered HDD with wifi, which allows music to be streamed to up to five devices via a dedicated Seagate app.
    At around $200, that’s a cheaper option than a new iPod, and means that I can carry far more music than any regular device is likely to have available internally for the foreseeable future, plus it’s an extra backup.


    This does it for me, via a NAS 🙂


    How do you manage your music collection ?


    Spotify’s fine, if, and it’s a big if, you can guarantee you get a phone signal, and it’s got data

    Not at all. I rarely stream stuff when on the move. Premium allows you to download everything so I download a lot of the stuff I really like and listen to that when out and about.

    Wi-fi at home, so no need for a signal there.


    Oh dear, i haven’t fullly embraced mp3/flac/etc.
    cd’s are organised alphabetically. In 2 categories. Jazz and other. Order by artist surname, date of release. Vinyl likewise, but, with 2 small kids, vinyl is kept in locked cupboard and I’ll select half a dozen different ones a month to play.
    Tapes, does anyone remember them? Stacked up in NO order. I’m having a tape revival at yhe mo’.
    i do have a ton of stuff on hd/mac. But its a random thing.
    i really like the process of choosing something to listen to and making a conscious decision and being part of the process.


    LPs on shelf
    CDs in the garage/car/ripped to a Brennan JB7

    Premier Icon GavinB

    I still have all my CDs arranged alphabetically in a couple of monster Case Logic cases, BUT ripped them all onto iTunes about 8-9 years ago and haven’t played a CD since. In fact, reading this has made me think about dumping them all. They just sit in the bottom of a cupboard somewhere.

    I came close to justifying a NAS about 6 months ago, then discovered Spotify Premium (for tunes) and Netflix. A few sets of speakers connected via wifi around the house works nicely too.

    Love being able to randomly find a tune, then generate an entire playlist around it. Then have it on my phone to listen to in the car on the way to work, or out on a run.

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