How do you choose a woodscrew?

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  • How do you choose a woodscrew?
  • Looking at Screwfix, I could pay between £2.98 and £8.72 for 100 5mm x 70mm screws.
    There’s a similar, although smaller range at Toolstation
    So, how do I know which are best.
    Just go for the second cheapest?


    Turbogold. Worth the extra. Don’t break when used with an impact driver.


    I have used turbo gold and they are very good.


    What he said.

    Always used cheapos for years when i was a cheapskate.

    Nicked some turbogolds off my dad…. Jesus like night and day, torx head is great compared to phillips an all.although your link have phillips.

    Pretty much threw out all my cheapys and bought a big assorted box of turbo golds. Worth the premium,


    I only use Ulti-Mate screws. Theyre not cheap but 1.7-3.5p per screw isnt a wallet emptier either.

    Can be driven directly into 3.6N/mm block without plugging. They’re holding the whole house together. Great fasteners, the anti cam tool bit is so good it can hold a screw on without magnetism.

    Life’s too short to put up with rubbish screws.


    Depends how much and what you’re screwing. Turbo gold have a great sharp tip and start easily but are expensive if you’ve gotta bang loads in.

    Keep an eye out on screwfix, sometimes they do really good deals on big trade cases of assorted turbo golds. Unless you’re in the trade, one of their big cases will last you til retirement!.

    As above definitely the turbo golds. Used them all over the house when we were renovating and built a huge built in wardrobe using them as well.

    I got this as I needed a lot of screws.

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    Another turbo gold fan here.
    Hot knife…butter….. 🙂


    Turbo gold and also the turbo gold copy from b&q


    The turbo golds are good but I prefer Spax


    Yes, 18 Spax screws holds every one our our doors to the frame and they are excellent; they can be unscrewed numerous times for removal and never deteriorate.

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    Don’t discount the gold screw range as well. Very good value for money for bigger projects, less than half the price of turbo gold and pretty good.

    Favourites are spax screws for speed, general greatness.

    Also massive coach bolt replacements with torx heads from thunderbolts.

    We got a bunch of Spax screws for redoing our kitchen. Screwing down a new floor, putting up batons etc. Put in with an impact driver.

    Did the job fine! Much better than some of the ancient flat headed ones we thought about re-using

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    Turbogold. Worth the extra. Don’t break when used with an impact driver.

    I find them terrible for snapping if you have to get them back out again though.

    Turbo gold and also the turbo gold copy from b&q

    screwfix and b&q are the same company

    I just use the regular gold screws, the turbo golds I find un-convincing in terms of grip – the thread is very shallow and the screws strip their holes very easily.

    All the fancy self-drilling / serated threads on fancier screws just shred your fingertips or stab you in the erse if you keep them in your pockets


    Turbo gold or spax are god as above, but theyre sharp and cut your fingers, but seem to engage with pozi head better, always use descent heads as youll round the screw head out and then cant get it in or out, all screws will snap if enough turning or leverage force side to side is used.

    Top tip, new box of screws, squirt in some wd 40 and put top back on box and shake, makes them lubricated, beware where you place box down until dry, and wd 40 also melts cracks some types of plastics, i found that out quite quick.

    Thanks all, looks like Turbo Gold gets the vote then.

    I used reisser cutter for permanent fixings – but I can get them really cheap from local timber merchant.

    I think the only real difference between most “advanced” screws is convenience and time saving – they all hold pretty much fine


    I opened up this thread to say Srewfix Turbogold – looks like a lot of people agree!

    Normal Goldscrew if you want to save some money.

    The Reisser screws from Toolstation are good but I think they are a bit more expensive.

    The self drilling (ie Reisser and Turbogold) and self countersinking (cutting on the bottom of the head) do make life easier and generally a neater finish.


    Reisser are very good but are quite a bit more expensive than the turbo or the gold screw.
    It doesn’t matter if your using a box now and again but as I use a lot (kitchen fitting) I use the standard gold ones from screwfix.


    Reisser are very good but are quite a bit more expensive than the turbo or the gold screw.

    Pretty much all the my local builder’s merchant sells, mainly in huge tubs of 2500 screws at a time.


    Big packs here:

    I have used them once and I probably would say they are better than the turbogold – less chance of splitting and less chance of the head cutting too deep.

    I can get reisser at less than half the price of toolstation – try your local timber guys


    Yep, the reisser cutter ones are very good. No pilot holes, no splitting and cleanly self tap. Turbos are ok though, and recently I had to use some homebase ‘superscrews’ utter, utter blunt shite rubbish snapping pieces of crap.


    Might I suggest another option. Poke through the coffee jar of old ones that may just again if you are gentle. Don’t forget that each one you choose will need a different driver. Bent ones can be thumped in a bit and rust makes them stick better 😆

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    This thread is so very singletrack.

    Never used turbo gold but my brother left us a load of reisser he got as a freebie from somewhere, they’re very good.

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