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  • How do they know what you want?
  • edlong

    I bought a shed online a few weeks ago, now every bloody shed seller is trying to flog me another one

    That’s what I don’t get with these ad targetting mechanisms, they spend millions on the technology but then don’t do any thinking with what they target you with, do they?

    You’ve bought a shed? The internet will now serve you a lot of opportunities to buy another shed. There’s probably nothing you’re less likely to buy, right now, than a shed. Targetting you with adverts for ronseal, padlocks, portable radios, that I could understand.

    I have the same thing going on with amazon – I bought a watch of of there a while ago. Now they’re constantly recommending me watches. I’ve bought a bloody watch, if there’s one thing I don’t need right now, thanks, it’s a watch. Got one, see?

    And kids books – do amazon not realise kids grow up and change tastes – the fact that I bought my four year old some Charlie and Lola books three years ago really doesn’t suggest that, now she’s seven, I’m likely to be in the market for Charlie and Lola books, but no, Amazon tries to push them at me all the bloody time.

    Top prize though, goes to Sainsburys. Back in the mists of time when they had their own loyalty card (pre-nectar) they used to have little terminals in our branch that you put your card in and it gave you vouchers, supposedly tailored to you based on their knowledge of your shopping. I get the concept – he buys normal spec coffee, give him a voucher for “Taste the Difference” to encourage him to try a more profitable range, fair enough. Except that, presumably based on my habitual purchases from the pet food aisle, they kept giving me enticing offers on cat food. I’d only ever bought dog food.

    I didn’t realise that this annoyed me as much as it obviously does. I feel much better now I’ve got that off my chest..


    The Information Commission has now taken the advice about cookies off their web site. Just bury somethign in the t’s and c’s about using cookies and you’re ok.

    No they haven’t. They just switched to ‘implied consent’ rather than ‘opt in’ after a massive drop in their own site usage.

    And no you’re not ok just burying it in the t’s & c’s.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Phil.W You’re not defending it are you?
    I just went to the site you linked to. I clicked on a top-menu link, and suddenly the note at the bottom disappeared. I didn’t read it. I now ‘apparently’ consent. The whole thing is a joke.


    Nope not defending it. Still haven’t implemented it on some sites I manage.

    Just making sure people are aware of the ‘law’ they are breaking 🙂

    Thank goodness, if it goes on much longer I’ll end up with a garden full of them. Fortunately I am almost as powerful as he-who-must-not-be-mentioned, therefore I am almost immune to advertising.


    I’m currently getting Wiggle, and something to do with skiing, which I’ve never, ever been interested in. I was getting a ad, and I do look on their site a lot, and buy stuff from time to time, so I’m not surprised at that ad targeting me.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    The last 2 letters of my postcode are DD. Well that’s my excuse whenever Mrs BigJohn asks why all the dodgy adverts.

    Premier Icon white101

    kindles, galaxy chocolate bars and last week it was disability aids…

    …they know I’m sat here with a broken ankle don’t they?

    Premier Icon DezB

    Why have people with a “P” got ads appearing anyway? hit the button!

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