How do i get rid of from a laptop.

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  • How do i get rid of from a laptop.
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    Might be worth running something like malwarebytes (which is free to download) and pressing control/alt/del to check what is running when you startup. Whatever you downloaded that changed your search provider may well have installed some other rubbish you don’t want.

    She’s got Avast free anti-virus on there, so I’m running that now.
    I don’t think it was particularly malicious, it just seems to give a load of adverts as the first options in any search.


    They are in add/remove programs as well so should be removed from there!

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    I’d suggest giving Superantispyware a run too

    I’m using Mrs MTG’s laptop at her house.
    Whenever I search for anything now, it defaults to
    Mrs MTG or Junior have obviously clicked a wrong button somewhere.
    It’s crap. I want Google back.
    I can’t see a “Make Google my default search engine” button anywhere.
    Where is it ?

    I got that from Cnet! It can be a pain to get rid of sometimes, lots of steps and spyware removers. Malwarebytes would have stopped it in the first place but it was a fresh install and I hadn’t set it up at that point, doh!

    I assumed that Avanti on Mrs MTG’s laptop, or AVG that I’ve got on my own PC, took care of everything.
    Should I be using Superantispyware or malwarebytes as well then ?


    I am not sure that Delta search is classed as a virus but its definitely malware. It is another unwanted program that gets installed with other programs that you may or may not want. When I had it I was trying to create a Vista recovery disk and it got installed when I tried to create the ISO disk. Once removed from add/remove programs and after a few av/malware scans I had completely eradicated it!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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