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  • How do I find HR strap?
  • Premier Icon sirromj

    Lost my Garmin heart rate strap. I thought I could walk round my house with my Garmin 510 on and when I got near to the strap it would pick it up.

    But how slowly should I walk, ie how long does it take to pair?
    What path should I take, ie what is the furthest reliable pairing distance?

    Or do I need to be wearing the thing in order for it to be found by the Garmin?

    I’ve looked in ALL the obvious places, and then all the less obvious places, and even some of the ridiculous places like the dishwasher and fridge (but haven’t checked the rim of the toilet bowl).


    Won’t work, needs to be on you (or in your hand) to wake up.

    Premier Icon bails

    Buy a new one.

    The old one will immediately appear.


    ^ thats exactly the right option, always works for me

    Premier Icon sirromj

    5%&k me! Finally gave in and ordered a new HR strap and monitor tonight. Watched half an hour of TV then walked over to box of crap and immediately dug the old one out. Pretty sure I looked in that box of crap at least three times.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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