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  • DavidM

    Or to be more specific, would a weekend riding and camping in Aviemore in mid november be a good idea or not? I know guessing the weather is a fools game, but would snow be likely, if so would it be a lot of snow? Is there a really cheap yoof hostel? Etc etc…

    I have camped in november before, and am not a complete sissy, but I do have a niggling feeling my impatience to get back to Scotland is getting the better of me. Any thoughts are appreciated.


    Frost overnight likely, Snow unlikely, Significant Snow very unlikely . . .

    Take decent gear, you will be ok . . .


    You're right – guessing the weather is a fools game. I reckon the temperature will be anywhere between minus 15 and plus 15 at that time of year. I'm guessing you're from quite some way south of Aviemore – if so it will likely be a bit colder than your used to.

    Premier Icon mikey-simmo

    A good sleeping bag will be fine. Only if your really unlucky will you feel really cold. Not much chance of waking up the ice cold frozen door tent. Unless you really unlucky.

    Your least problem will be the cold, you should be more worried about the local cannibals- you'll be warm enough when you're roasting on their spit.


    go for it ,
    some of my best days have been in the highlands at this time of year
    if the weathers crap theres plenty of low level stuff,
    ask at bothy bikes for trail advise……..enjoy

    aye, it'll be no bother. just pack decent waterproofs, mebbe a softshell and the like – tights would prob be a good idea as well as some warm footware.
    i'd be more careful about picking a route – one without too much bog etc (which pretty much rules out any kenny wilson rides i know, for eg… 😡 )


    Well it's only 2 weeks away and it's 13 deg outside now at 2330. But this time last year there was loads of snow and at the start of dec it was about -10 at night. I remember it being -28 in 81ish and -22 in 95. Last winter we had a couple of weeks where the temp didn't get above freezing and I rode Laggan at -14. Ask us one on sport!

    Stayed in Culra bothy a few years ago and it was -20, not good for my pal Flock who ended up in a Tesco sleeping back, that will teach him for leaving kit at home.


    could do with a decent cold snap to kick winter off properly. was boiling wandering up ben vrackie this evening.

    beautiful view from the top though –

    West Kipper – do you speak from personal experience of being spit roasted by a couple of locals in Aviemore?

    knowing scotland it will be either bloody freezing or warm and you will be eaten alive by the midges!!!


    knowing scotland it will be either bloody freezing or warm and you will be eaten alive by the midges!!!
    if the first couple of words are correct then you'd know the last few aren't at this time of year. 🙂

    ditch_jockey- the above was an example of why I shouldnt post when tired and having taken a slurp of Mr Smirnoff's potato-based energy drink. My apologies to the OP for not adding anything sensible to his question.

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    -15 at 8am in morning for you. It was so cold the car (VW Touran) would not keep engine temp warm unless actually driving.

    This year is unseasonably warm, but Aviemore and further West in the Highlands can suddenly snap to type easily and go from mild to V cold. Best take some cold weather gear with you and leave it in the car/hostel if you don't need it.

    I'm racing my dog team in the sled dog races there in january, it'll be very snowy then – or at least it'd better be or else the dogs will have their work cut out!


    Were you going to be wild camping of staying on a campsite? If on a campsite, you could get a hostel bed for not much more (the Aviemore Hostel next to the Spey is about £14-£15), so that would be my choice.
    It has been unseasonably warm up here (Moray Coast, about an hour's drive from Aviemore) and we were riding at Laggan in short sleeves (plus waterproofs as it was pishing down) last weekend.
    As for the riding, it will be fine so long as you take a selection of clothing for all the myriad weather eventualities that are possible.


    take a selection of clothing

    Jojo in 'collection of clothing' shocker !!!! 😉 x


    Yep, all the above! But if anything it's probably the quietest time of year in Aviemore so accom' deals good and Tesco's bearable. Lovely morning today, bright and mild, taking "posh" roadbike out for a spin before the salty season.

    A couple of years ago we wild camped at the end of september. Woke in the morning to findour wet shoes frozen solid.

    Myself I wouldn't camp oct- march. Nights too long and the risk of being effin cold

    Premier Icon glenh

    -27.2 degrees C

    b r

    It really depends on the height and 'outlook' of the campsite – that far north any altitude really brings the temp down.

    Make sure you've spare socks, something to get you through the long/dark/cold night (big iPod?) and for cooking something other than gas – as its not very efficient if cold, and with enough fuel if need be to burn throughout the night.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Haven't you heard? It's not been cold in Scotland since we got global warming 🙂

    I always reckon it's coldest when it's damp and around 1-2 degrees. Subzero tends to be dry so you don't suffer as much. (Assuming you're wearing appropriate clothes!)

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