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  • How can I stop sniffing glue?
  • Or that how I think it would feel – I have been painting with gloss paint several rooms in the house today and now I have a thumping head the room is a bit wobbly and the youngsters are saying they feel like their dinner is about to resurface again. Apart from closing the doors, opening the windows (even though it is BalTIC) any other ideas on how to reduce the fumes ? Tried a few sliced onions and it only makes me cry.


    leave the house?

    open the windows?


    HEPA air filters will remove the smell, we used a dehumidifier which had a HEPA filter and a carbon scrubber.

    Burn some essential oils apparently will work as it destroys the fumes or something.


    I don’t think the fumes are that harmful. It would be labelled R67 if it was. It’s normally Xylene, butanol, or some other hydrocarbon.

    Not much you can do to reduce the fumes. The solvent has to come out of the paint and it will only leave the house if has somewhere to go.

    We have these at work when normal extraction is not available

    probably expensive.

    Just put a portable heater in the room, close the doors and crack open a window.

    Cheers Lads – open the windows and freeze we shall


    Move on to harder drugs?


    I find candles work pretty well – or tealights perhaps. Not sure if it’s scientific, but my theory is it removes some of the hydrocarbon solvents still in the air.


    when I worked as a painter we drank a pint of milk every day, it’s an old painter’s superstition.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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