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  • Isn't this Reynauds syndrome ? One of our members has this and he uses chemical heat pads inside his gloves…

    ….frozen fingers and toes ?

    I've tried mixtures of sealskinz socks on their own, with liner socks, sealskinz thermal socks, windpoof/waterproof overshoes, hill walking socks, windproof gloves, waterproof gloves with and without thermal liners….as well as specialized lockable supporting grips…but I still get frozen fingers/hands and toes/feet ?

    Even on mild Autumn days I still get them – fingers go completely white and numb.

    Any ideas please ? Is there anything else or do I just accept it ? 🙁

    What about your arms and legs, are they sufficiently insulated as well as your fingers and toes, long sleeve tops, arm warmers and leg warmers, might help with the blood supply to your extremities??

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    There was something I read in one of this months magazines that suggested using surgical gloves as liners and wrapping your feet in cling film. Did question if it was serious or a p*** take, but I gues the principals are right.

    Good luck


    Thickest sealskins socks, shimano MW80 shoes, and leg/arm warmers…. but i only need to do that in the depth of the Highland Winter……
    maybe try over shoes to eliminate windchill.
    for gloves, nothing works. they all end up being cold in the end.


    my brother has reynards and suffers really bad from it. go and see your doctor and get it checked out . its down to poor circulation. i have it slightly but nothing on the scale he has it . he has to wear gloves pretty much anything below 10

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    On the feet side, your sealskin socks arn't making your shoes to tight? I had to buy a bigger size of shoe for the winter so I plenty of room for winter socks.

    A doctor acquaintance of mine told me that Viagra was originally developed to help with poor circulation. He was quite serious about taking some with him on a winter climbing trip to the Canadian Rockies to counteract potential frostbite, until his climbing buddy vetoed the ideas.


    I wear Dachstein mitts on the bike in winter! Only thing that keeps my hands warm, for the first time last year I had the novel feeling of my hands being too warm! I'm getting some lobster-claw style ones made this year to make things a bit easier!


    Overshoes work for me. Also you could try
    a shoe with more width such as shimano dx. Think they do flat and cleat version. Not expensive either.


    It could simply be a matter of reduced circulation due to physical constriction.

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    Don't think this will help the level of your problem but I recently "discovered" merino wool socks. They work really well even when wet but are pretty hot if the sun comes out.

    Thanks all for the ideas.

    My previous shimano shoes were 1 size bigger and still too tight with extra socks so now use specialized 2 sizes bigger. Used sealskinz thermal with overshoes yesterday (very windy but not that cold) and toes/front half of feet froze. I'm also using liner gloves inside my waterproof winter gloves – fingers still freeze so suspect I may also have Raynauds (as I also get frozen fingers frequently even when not cycling).

    I'll have a go with some of your suggestions as I'm willing to try anything. Could be a circulation thing – yet I can still gove blood no bother. Cheers 😀


    Raynauds won't stop you giving blood, there is nothing wrong with the blood of those who have it. However, it does give you slightly narrower veins. Everyone's veins contract when they get they get cold, but if start with narrower than normal ones it can get quite painful. I have a mild case of it and like you I have as yet found no answer. Going to try some gloves with electric heating element this winter and hope they still work in the rain…


    Hands and feet sound as thought they are well wrapped…how about your legs and arms? If the blood that is getting to your extremeties is cooler than it's goingto take a serious amount of heat to get your hands/feet warmed.

    Have you tried some thermal longs under your cycling tights and long sleeved thermal top under your cycling gear – this is quite likely to make the rest of your body feel hot, but that could help maintain warmer blood so could help relieve the colder hands/feet. Saying that, cooking yourself isn't going to help either so you need to try a few things (although it sounds as if you already have – I'm no expert at anything just offering up my opinion!)


    From my experience & a couple of others I know, you won't cure it, you'll just have to live with it.
    I just suffer with my toes in any temp below 5C, nothing short of a bowl of warm water will get them warm – conversely my hands are always toasty

    I spent 20 yrs [& untold £100s] trying to sort it but I gave up chasing it last winter after trying 4 different winter boots in 3 different sizes [8 pairs in all] & now just accept that my toes are going to hurt with the cold.
    The only thing that gives me a bit of respite is being very pedantic about making sure my feet, socks & boots are very warm to start with.

    Didn't Ray Mears suggest putting your feet in cold water for a few minutes, then putting dry socks on? Apparently they feel like they're burning.

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