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  • How can i see threads ive contributed to on STW
  • Premier Icon breninbeener
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    As above really. Im looking for a thread i contributed to in the past few weeks. It was about lowering the gearing on a gravel bike.

    There was a revelation (to me) about using an mtb rear mech and cassette with road sti 10sp shifters.

    Im trying to find it so i can help a friend.



    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ
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    Go into your profile and select form, then select the one you’ve commented on …
    I think 🤔

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    https:     //

    (remove the spaces after “https:”)

    FWIW, until I went 11 speed on the Amazon, I was using Ultegra 10-speed shifters and an 9-speed XTR rear mech.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk
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    yep, ‘profile’, ‘forum’ then either ‘replies created’ or ‘topics started’.

    Premier Icon seankeg
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    Oh for the life of me this was killing me!!! I too couldn’t find my past contributions… heheheh

    thank you!!!!

    Premier Icon breninbeener
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    All, thanks very much! I appreciate the help with this and the gearing question too!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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