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  • How bloody good are The Vaccines

    Some good some bad, do you have a particular disease in mind?


    i had the drummers guitar. gave it to my old bosses daughter. probably sell on ebay now!

    Premier Icon binners

    Are they a popular beat combo then?


    liking them a lot.
    and sucioperro
    and the x-certs
    and straight lines.

    thats my promos done for the day!
    got a watch to go buy 🙂


    That’s all.

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    I tried, but just heard it all before.

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    Sounded like a poor Ramones covers band on the bit I caught of them at Glastonbury

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    Post break-up sex is pretty good, but its verse to chorus ratio is off by about 50%.

    Opted to see Paloma Faith instead at Latitude this weekend. Figured Vaccines tent would be crammed, plus Paloma’s normally madder than a box of frogs so thought she’d be worth seeing for that reason alone 🙂

    Best formerly-unknown-to-me bands at Latitude were;
    – Crocodiles
    – Foster the People
    – And who can forget Danny Fontaine & The Horns Of Fury’s ode to Guybrush Threepwood


    Not very ….. from the little I’ve heard

    Sound far too much like


    wannabees for my liking

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    Yeah sorry, bit dull for me. Heard it all before. You may not have heard it all before though, this like the vaccines. Each to their own and that, but do try the ramones too.


    Not as good as the horrors new album – aren’t they connected in some way – trots off to google it,


    +1 Ramones


    Saw them play Glastonbury on TV. The missus and daughter liked them a lot, but they did nothing at all for me.

    I’m listening through all their stuff on youtube… not hugely inspiring so far.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Saw them on Glasto, turned it off after 5a minutes, didnt think it was anything i hadn’t heard before

    Like em and was mightily pissed off when we missed them supporting the Arctic Monkeys in Sheffield, because my mates wanted another pint in some dingy back street shithole of a pub, despite my protestations…


    They look and sound like a band thought up in a record company boardroom. Seriously though, how much more can be done with a four piece guitar group like them? It’s all been done before, and better, 30 years ago

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Quite like them but can’t help thinking the Phil Spector Smiths thing has already been done by Glasvegas.

    slainte 😀 rob

    I personally love them and can’t wait to finally see them live in Sheffield O2 Academy later this year!


    I have actually seen them live, and they were OK. Significantly, the crowd were much more responsive to Beirut who came after them, and were singing along with a lot of their songs. The Vaccines are just another in a very long line of punkpop guitar bands with nothing much of any significance to say but make a pleasant enough racket for drunk kids to throw themselves around to. I’ve seen many like them come and go over the years, I don’t expect them to get much past a third album.
    They were second on a five band billing, it wasn’t through choice I saw them.

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