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  • How big is yours (handle bars that is)
  • Premier Icon maxtorque
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    760mm on my main bike, about right imo.

    I followed Pat from The White Room down a trail, the day after he’d fitted some super “Enduro” 800mm bars. And he promptly caught the end of the bars on a sticky out rock, right in front of a nice 2 foot vert, and he flew sideways off the trail into a heap, amazingly with no more that mild finger bendage!

    Premier Icon Simon
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    Premier Icon oliverracing
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    640 with bar ends on full suss
    460 woodchippers on ss
    420 on the cx

    Premier Icon coogan
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    750mm on both, just felt fine when first used them. If I’m honest, I never noticed a big difference to begin with… untill I rode a 685mm again and it felt well weird.

    Premier Icon crosshair
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    640 + bar ends on Scott Spark cut down from 700. Much nicer for my style.

    Premier Icon addy6402
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    780 on both the HT and FS

    Premier Icon Earl
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    haw about including you height – 750 is pretty wide for 5’6″ but probably narrow for 6’6″

    Premier Icon Hob Nob
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    Soon to be 800’s.

    I remember when I first got a set of Burgtec RideWides. 750 felt enormous back then. Now it just feels odd, with my hands off the ends.

    Premier Icon noltae
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    I overheard some guys I passed on a local trail mocking – in between sniggering one of them said. ‘Jesus that guy had Cowhorns ‘
    I personally think they look rather well proportioned on a 29er …

    Premier Icon Junkyard
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    all under 700 [ they are old so they must be]but i have never measured them/cannot remember

    Premier Icon shifter
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    Premier Icon chakaping
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    750mm (xc) 780mm (dh) 420mm (road).

    Premier Icon bol
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    750 mtb, 440 road.

    Premier Icon jonnouk
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    570ish on my HT. They used to be 610 for ages but I cut them down.

    610 on my FS.

    Premier Icon qwerty
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    Seven hundred and ten millimeters

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    Premier Icon Sui
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    740 with 20mm rise. FS. Still clip them on things..

    Premier Icon Euro
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    690 dj
    720 ht
    750 fs

    I’m tall with a 6’6″ wingspan and cut the 750s down from 780 as they were too wide. It can’t healthy for smaller people to run such wide bars, can it?

    Premier Icon docrobster
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    785 FS
    780 HT
    I did try 800 but didn’t like them although that may have been due to lack of rise more than width.
    I recently swapped the 650 off wife’s bike for some 710s. She only really rides the monsal trail but even so still said it felt loads better.

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride
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    600 & 90 something, they started off as 700 something, but I just couldn’t face my riding buddies knowing the number started with a seven, they might of expected me to able to pull of this new found enduro bollox 😉

    Premier Icon Rorschach
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    Premier Icon smatkins1
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    740, I would love something wider but it’s a tight squeeze between the trees as it is.

    Premier Icon mcnultycop
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    777 on the XC hardtail.
    750 on the AM/Enduro/insert current marketing name FS

    Which is probably the wrong way round.

    Roadie width on the roadie.
    BMX width on the BMX.

    Premier Icon benji
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    710 on one and 730 on the other.

    46 c-c on the sscx

    Premier Icon mamadirt
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    680 on the DJ
    700 on the Hooker do-it-all bike
    720 on the DH bike

    Premier Icon richardthird
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    700 off road
    400 on

    Premier Icon garage-dweller
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    705mm on the 456
    685mm on the lighter (sometimes single speed) ht and 25.4mm clamp on that one.

    Wouldn’t want any wider – it would be crap through the narrow tree and bramble lined singletrack that’s a staple of my riding (and I ain’t that gnar!)

    Premier Icon gavstorie
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    Premier Icon nach
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    700mm on the HT, about to go up to 760 given the most comfortable position when climbing is with half of each palm off the end of the bars.

    360mm bullhorns on the commuter 🙂

    Premier Icon Retrodirect
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    700 on the ss, but i keep hanging my hands off the ends of them on climbs wondering if wider ones would feel better. I have really long arms and I think they would.

    Premier Icon Turnerfan1
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    630mm on race hardtail.
    685mm on f/s.
    I am 6’2″ and they are both 29er’s by the way.

    Premier Icon nach
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    @Retrodirect Sounds like we’re in the same boat. If my bars arrive this week, I’ll let you know.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat
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    725 on the hardtail
    777 on the AM bike
    Daughter has 711 on her hardtail
    Lad has 750 on his AM bike

    Premier Icon TiRed
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    490mm Soma Sparrow on the SS
    420mm on road bikes

    The Sparrows took a while to get used to, but steering with shoulders is now second nature. The ability to pull up with hands at 10-to-2 makes for much easier climbing.

    Premier Icon caffeineoldbean
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    720 on the Soul
    760 on the Yeti 575 is how I roll.

    Premier Icon gardron
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    730 on salsa fatty, 70mm stem
    740 on short travel full sus (650b), 50mm stem
    800 on AM full sus (650b), 50mm stem

    Premier Icon amedias
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    between 660 and 720 depending on bike (MTB), I’m 171cm tall, can’t get on with anything over 720, it limits my range of upper body motion and I can’t get through some of the gaps round here!

    trying to get a feeling on average size these days

    Sadly what I think you are getting here is the average from a self selecting sample of ‘people who care about handlebar width’ rather than an actual average.

    Still could be useful though 🙂

    Premier Icon jamj1974
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    780mm on Enduro, 780mm on Soda, 730mm on Fortitude SS and 680 on CinderCone.

    Premier Icon cp
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    780mm playful bike
    710mm XC/big ride FS
    710mm SS winter hack
    620mm commuter

    Premier Icon Retrodirect
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    This thread made me go and order some new bars. 760mm wide el guapo flat bars on on-one for a tenner right now.

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