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  • How big is my air shaft?
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    Trying to ID this Rockshox Airshaft from my spares box…it’s Pike/Lyrik/Yari 35mm territory. No markings at the end so maybe some sort of OEM(?) as all the others I’ve seen have the length etched on the end.

    From the underside of the white to the end is 238mm. Thinking it’s 130-150mm travel but no idea.

    If anyone has one to hand to measure that would be excellent. Thanks!


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    If you can identify the fork that it came from, you can find the airshaft lengths for different travel settings on the SRAM website. If you know the serial number of the fork, you can just input that and you’ll be taken to the correct page for that fork.

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    Only thing I could tell you from the picture is that its a solo air.

    Also, at that time, Lyrik shafts were different lengths for the same travel from Pikes.

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    Thanks both, will do my research!

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