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  • How big are your rotors then?
  • Premier Icon chakaping

    Modern disc brakes aren’t that heavy, I think I’ll carry an extra set around with me when I go to the Alps this summer.

    Can’t be too careful.

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    I heard tell of some French riders, who…and you’re not going to believe this: come down the sides of mountains on hardtail racing bikes, with as little as 80mm travel forks, sometimes wearing only the protection that a pair of Lycra shorts afford…Sometimes, and this is the really unbelievable part, they don’t (I know, amazing) go straight to the bar, get shit-faced, and tell their mates how Rad they are for getting down a dirt track with 8 inches of suspension travel, and huge brakes to compensate for their lack of co-ordination…


    how big? 4 foot big enough?

    ah, sorry, wrong kind of rotor 😉


    Ive got 203s f+r on the sus bike and 180f 160r on the ht. Went for 203s because ive hit too many trees to risk it further and they cost no more than smaller ones. Also I really am no bothered about the less than 100g extra weight! The ht has second hand brakes so I didnt choose the size and tbh im probably not going to be taking it anywhere that i will get up to speeds that will exceed the capacity of those brakes slowing down about 17-18st of rider kit and bike.

    If you can have them for no extra cost and minimal extra weight why not have them? Seems stupid not to.


    I’ve got 180 front and 160 back, no plans to upgrade to 203/180 as i weigh about as much as a gnat, so have plenty of stopping power for my needs

    Premier Icon mboy


    Yes indeed, I’ve seen a few riders on similar bikes riding in the Alps. All making it down the hill in one piece etc.

    I view it a bit like singlespeeding though, making things harder than you need to just cos you want to. Not my thing if you get me.

    Not seen anyone ride a proper DH track on lightweight HT yet though, certainly even a good rider would really struggle over braking bumps that are 8 inches deep, large drops, big doubles etc. It’s all doable of course, but to me the fun isn’t simply the achievement of still being alive at the bottom. It’s in being able to ride as hard/fast as you can down something and not being held back by your equipment.


    185/185 on my heckler. all the stop i need plus a litle bit more. nice to be able to lock the back wheel easily to get round tight bends. tried the 160 on the back and no comparison really, plus i like having a more balanced lever feel and even pad wear??

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    used sintered pads last year with no boiling fluid issues and didn’t even say goodbye to any pads either. In fact, they are still in the calipers and going next time!

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