How are you keeping cool in the warm spell then??

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  • How are you keeping cool in the warm spell then??
  • Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Office is aircon

    Home is a sauna which I’m battling with a tower fan, tall fan and an aircon unit. Sweaty.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Was ok until I went for a walk in the sun. Now sweating, but have a secret weapon hidden under my desk…

    Premier Icon binners

    I’m strutting round the office in my Speedo’s, socks and sandals, drinking an elaborate cocktail. I can tell you, the temperatures going up in here for the laydeeeeez. GGGGRRRRRRRRR

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    when it’s hot in the office I normally take a shower and get changed into a pair of boardies and chill out with plenty of icy water.

    I do work from home though

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Nudity wherever possible, otherwise….

    Premier Icon weeksy


    OK, so it doesn’t keep me cool…. but I worry less when I have cake 🙂


    It’s fine in here, home is the same. But I work and live in basements 🙂


    MTFU, it wont last long and then we will all be moaning about the cold.


    Office is aircon but commute is tricky at the moment. I’m an even sweatier mess than usual by the end of it and take a good 30 mins to cool down.


    Currently sat in and UN-air-conditioned office with three windows open, the blinds closed, lights off and a decent sized fan threatening to blow my paperwork all over the place every time it pivots and its STILL F’ing baking!!!! 👿


    It’s not that warm surely? Doubt it’s gone over 30 yet. You lot polar bears or something?

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer


    Premier Icon dirtyboy

    I got called to a BT office today on a 4hr urgent callout the call was the office was freezing and they couldn’t feel their fingers and some had blankets wrapped around them

    I measured the temperature at 23c….. I **** hate office staff.


    Office is fine but hotel is sans aircon and feels warmer than outside. Been sleeping with a wet towel draped over me.


    2 babies in a sweltering house. It’s like the end of days.

    Premier Icon dirtyboy

    Home on the other hand is lovely, as I installed a 5kw split ac unit this year in my living room and my bedroom is downstairs in the far cooler part of the house. LUSH


    We’re still using 15 tog duvet 🙂


    Don’t know about anyone else but an ice cube suppository keeps me cool.

    Scrotal wafting.

    Torminalis – Member
    2 babies 2 year old and 4 year old in a sweltering house. It’s like the end of days.

    #sympathetic #empathetic


    I’m still waiting for the aircon in my workspace to be fixed. Supposed to be this week, it hasn’t worked for several years.
    I work in a long, fully enclosed room inside a large industrial building, no windows, or ventilation, and doors to cooler outer area have to be kept closed for security reasons. All the rest of the offices have working aircon…
    I do have a fan, though, which is two feet away when I’m sat at my computer, unfortunately that’s only for a couple of hours in the afternoon.
    When I’m not plate-making, in a litte room with a west-facing steel wall and roof, no windows at all, and three machines, all of which produce quite a lot of heat.
    Getting out into fresh air is a blessed relief.

    Premier Icon darrell

    talking about polar bears

    its 30 C here in west Norway

    frakking humid too


    I’m not.

    Premier Icon transporter13

    My lorry has the magical frost symbol. I would really struggle without it.
    It also helps that I can wear what I like to work, which has consisted of shorts and T-shirt since the middle of April 😀

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