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  • How are the singletrackworld veg gardens doing?
  • wors

    not done a lot this year, had some spuds, onions are coming on nicely for autumn, peppers are flowering at the moment.


    My problem is trying to resist pulling stuff up before it’s properly ready. Really want to pull some shallots, onions and garlic but I know it’s too soon!

    Premier Icon woody2000

    The potato in the bottom rhs of your pic looks like a bum or a ballsack 🙂


    I have some stupidly large radishes at the moment – 6″ long and an inch wide.

    My spring onions on the other hand are useless.


    woody2000 – Member
    The potato in the bottom rhs of your pic looks like a bum or a ballsack

    That hadn’t gone unnoticed 🙂


    We nearly have strawberries

    And blueberries

    But it’s a bit slow at the mo, hoping the monsoon speeds things up a bit

    Premier Icon portlyone

    monster courgette = marrow 🙂

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    Mine were coming along great until some escaped sheep (not mine) took a fancy to them 8-/


    my courgettes have failed miserably.. as have the chillis.. and I’ve gone off rocket lately and it’s gone to seed and turned into a triffid..
    I wonder how many people would eat rocket at all if they saw the vicious ugly brute that it turns into if left to it’s own devices..

    On the plus side the toms are looking good.. garlic and onions are looking great.. brocolli looks promising and we might have a pumpkin in time for halloween..

    Rob Hilton

    Autumn raspberries are nice and tasty (they don’t work to any known calendar), brassicas & tatoes are going crazy – aubergines pitiful.


    I don’t think it’s big enough to qualify to be a marrow. Was tempted to let it grow on but thought it would restrict the growth of the others. Would rather have lots of small courgettes than a couple of marrows 🙂

    Got a few wild strawberries in the garden, not quite ready to eat yet.

    Leave the rocket to it’s own devices for a bit though and you get lots of … rocket seed. V easy to harvest and reuse.

    My garlic is ready, but it was planted in November, in fact as soon as we get a couple of dry days I’ll be pulling it up.

    First couple of courgettes nearly ready.

    What we’ve been harvesting so far is spinach, broad beans, lettuce and chard.

    I’ve had a few things suffering due, maybe because of drought, namely dwarf beans and peas.

    On the whole things starting to perk up though – unfortunately also lots of weeds.


    Been a strange year so far, must be all that sunshine early on for us & no rain!

    Then rain on and off for a week or so & everything goes mad, including the weeds!

    Strawberries finished early & raspberries about to peak.

    Carrots doing very well compared to last year.

    Onions suffering from white mould! 8 years they say before you can plant again! But no problems with the red Onions – weird?

    Vines (1/4 my plot is vines now) fingers crossed, will have the best crop in 10 years, all going well.

    Cropped my first beetroot & garlic this week.

    Peppers slow as usual 😉

    Toms, been hard work keeping them watered, some flowers, but not as good as last year!

    Parsnips & peas both doing well, peas will be ready soon.

    Some spuds ready for digging up at the weekend.

    Planted too much garlic again & had my shed at the allotment done 3 times this year so far, twice in a week!

    Sorry no pics..


    simondbarnes – Member

    My problem is trying to resist pulling stuff up before it’s properly ready. Really want to pull some shallots, onions and garlic but I know it’s too soon!

    I have the same fettish 😉

    Eating strawberries early, just before they are fully red – yum


    Premier Icon woody2000

    I gave up my allotment last year when we moved house, and I’ve missed it. We have earmarked part of the garden for a veg plot and we already have several mature fruit trees in it, so I’m looking forward to a bumper crop next year.

    Anyone got any fruit preserving tips?


    Anyone got any fruit preserving tips

    Get down your local supermarket & ask for a bunch of their apple trays for your apples for free.

    Wash your apples, dry them then use the trays to store them somewhere cool.

    Just finished my last tray from the garage from last years crop & I think I lost 3 apples to mould!

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Cheers Ski

    5 apple trees, 1 pear tree, 1 plum tree and a crab apple tree – I’m gonna need a lot of trays! 🙂

    I considered putting them out by the road for people to just take, but I could see the local scrotes using them for nefarious purposes 🙂

    Premier Icon richmars

    Strewberrys have gone mad, only a small patch but had so many I’m looking like one. Sunny spring plus lots of watering seems to have paid off.


    I found a monster courgette lurking in mine this afternoon 🙂

    Another Harvest by simondbarnes, on Flickr

    My strawbs have been fruiting and ripening for weeks, been a great year for them. Last year got barely anything. Plus my fennel patch now looks like a small wood 😯

    Otherwise, the toms are a bit behind, and the squash are not as far along as last year. Chilis need some heat 😐

    5 apple trees, 1 pear tree, 1 plum tree and a crab apple tree – I’m gonna need a lot of trays

    Take one ghetto DIY google-it ‘car jack’ cider press, plus one or two evenings of much sweating, and get lots of lovely zyder!

    If you can beg some proper cider apple varieties to lob in with your odds n sods, it makes a much better homebrew cider, according to my cider-extrodinaire making freind. I can believe it too based on the gorgeous stuff he turns out scrounging whatever he can get his hands on.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    We’ve had a rubbish summer since May 1st, so everythings suffering from lack of sun and a bit of warmth.

    The autumn raspberries have gone mad though and red onions look good.
    Pigeons have eaten the sprout shoots, not sure they’ll recover and the tomatos are struggling. However I have high hopes for the cucumber, plenty of flowers and the fruit is starting to swell.

    Had our first potatos yesterday, yum.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Potatoes taste lovely if you can find one the worms haven’t eaten first

    Broad beans looking good now

    Just had my first pea pod – not many in it, still a bit small, but tasty

    Carrots, runner beans and parsnips coming on

    First tomato colouring up

    And the first courgette is about an inch shy of being ready to pick.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Things have started to go mad at last.

    Here’s tonight’s meal. Together with pitta bread and chicken kebabs.

    Garden produce by Mrs NBT, on Flickr

    We didn’t eat the flower though!

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    I don’t have a vegetable patch, I have a branch of Pret a Manger that only serves you if you’re a slug.

    All the freshly grown, hand tended produce you can eat.

    Premier Icon spacehopper

    only have a tiny little garden but..

    pak choi doing awesomely… had the first of it last night.. loads left..
    radishes doing really well had the first few of those last night too…

    had a pepper plant die last week… no idea why!… still got one left though which is doing really well.. the chilli plant could do with some more sunshine though..

    tomatoes getting there… first flowers appearing..

    first few courgette flowers earlier in the week so they wont be long now.. (grown in an old bookcase..!)

    dwarf beans looked rubbish until a week or so ago but they put on a bit of a spurt and have flowers now..!

    carrots looking good too.. might pull them in a week or so and see if i can get a second crop in before autumn..

    loads of baby leaf rocket and lollo rosso thats constantly being picked and re-sown..

    had one decent crop of strawberries a few weeks ago but theyve reflowered and there looks to be even more this time! should have 5 plants next year compared to 2 this year after one has put out three runners!

    thats actually quite a lot of stuff thinking about it… the veggie patch bit is only about 12ft by 4ft.. and everythings grown in pots and troughs.. (and a bookcase)!

    is it bad that one of my highlights of a friday night is now a glass of vino and gardeners world? 😆

    My chillies are going mental! Jalapenos aboout 4″ long already! Yowzers!


    Inside the greenhouse the various tomatoes are just on the turn now. Chillis are blooming, and all the salad leaves, spinach and herbs are dong well. Outside the runners have taken ages to get going but the broad beans and peas are doing well. Looking like a bumper crop of apples this year and our monster blackberry patch is looking spiky and tasty!

    First summer in the house and so still getting to grips with soil type, existing plants (bluebells and asparagus popping up everywhere!) and where the light falls.

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