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  • How angry does this make you……?
  • ernie_lynch

    the Guardian have conveniently missed this bit ………. "The bank repaid its $25bn of US government rescue funds in June." So they've payed their debts and made a profit

    I would have thought that most Guardian readers could have figured out the bit about "announcing profits of $3.6bn in the past three months" meant that the bank was now financially sound. At no point did the Guardian suggest that the bank was losing money or owed money.

    In fact last April the Guardian reported that JP Morgan was in a position to repay the US government back, quote:

    "yesterday JP Morgan, which was handed $25bn, said it also wanted shot of its Tarp funding and could repay the cash tomorrow if necessary."

    That was 6 months ago – do you want them to repeat that fact every time they publish an article which mentions JP Morgan's huge profits ?


    I still don't see how screeching about JPM profits and bonuses and the failings of LBG gets us anywhere, as those profile of those institutions isn't the same.

    I think there is a lot of unease about the return of "bonus culture". As many people believe that this was the root cause of the problem ……… bonus driven greed led to unacceptable levels of risk taking.

    Although it would appear that global government intervention has somewhat reduced those risks now
    ……… privatise the profits, nationalise the losses.


    You know, there is some sublime humour out there. The bleak landscape of Labour sliding to defeat…the parrallels…the jokes about the SNP…obviously dont listen with the sound on (if you speak German)

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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