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  • How about a positive relationship / marriage thread?
  • Just to show were not all hard bitten and cynical, I’d just like to say I’ve been married to a fantastic woman for eleven years, and yes, just like most other couples, we dont always agree or get along at times, but I just couldnt imagine life without her or the kids. I’m not going to start jabbering on about sex (wrongly or otherwise, I’m a bit old fashioned about discussing it on an internet forum). Fair enough, some folk may feel that marriage is no longer relevant, but it is for me. Just like to add congratulations to phil on his engagement, and good luck and positive vibes to Holly, my daughter, who gets married tomorrow.


    Well done on you marriage, good luck to Holly.

    Trouble is it’s not very interesting. Car-crash telly is popular for a reason, just like Jeremy Kyle et al. Happy, good news stuff isn’t. Sorry.

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    Nice one BM, enjoy daughter’s wedding.

    Unfortunately, I could start a thread that would run to pages and pages, so I keep schtum!

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    38yrs we’d come June…..Been together since school as have a few friends


    You can keep yer car crash telly – give me a happy ending any day. Have a great day tomorrow barnsleymitch πŸ˜€ – hope the sun shines for you all.

    For me it’s all about respect – I always asked my boys to ‘treat other people as they’d want to be treated themselves’ and I think that’s sound advice whatever your age or situation. 33 years for papadirt and myself this year – if only I could keep a bike that long πŸ˜†

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    i’ve been with my missus for 19 years this year since we were 17, and we’re evetually getting married in june. We’ve never been that fussed about, but now we’ve got 2 kids it just seems the right thing to do. Hopefully it doesn’t change us but i can’t see it doing as she’s (still) my best friend!

    People shouldn’t bow down to fashion or religion just do what suits them and sod what others think.


    Well, after almost 10 years together, I proposed on Christmas day just gone.
    We’re getting married next June.



    Don’t worry ads we also did it the wrong way round! Marriage changed nothing for us, ten yrs together and two kids and then had the best wedding day ever that we could enjoy with everyone, with a son and daughter as page boy and bridesmaid! Next month will be 5 yrs married so 15 in total!! She still rocks!!

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    My missus is awesome. been together 9 years, got married 2 years ago – not because we ‘had to’, but because we wanted to (it was a great party, and we went to innerleithen for our honeymoon)

    She is my best friend and the only person in the world who I will allow to tell me what to do (but don’t let her know that, I’m trying to keep it a secret).

    She’s also my regular riding, climbing and snowboarding partner and a willing participant in whatever touring nonsense I think up.

    She rocks!



    I have been with my lady for 7 years, she is AMAZING! we are having our first child in Aug, cant wait. Life is good and im enjoying every minute. πŸ˜€


    32 years this week me and Julie have been together – still not married right enough and a few ups and owns along the way.

    Indeed mamadirt – respect and a partnership of equals


    we actually realised the other day we’d been together 19 years December just gone… πŸ˜€ Never got married, promised ourselves we’d do it next time we’re near Vegas! Two gorgeous kids… life is good…

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    We’ve been together 24 years since school, only managed to get married 9 years ago, managed to renovate our old farm cottage together (with help), now got two lovely (most of the time) kids. Allows me to ride and tinker with my bikes and run our small farm in what spare time I have after full time work. She’s my best friend, occasional riding partner, brilliant mum and pretty good at everything really. I’m very lucky.

    i think i’m gunna book the guy who played piano at jools holland’s wedding for mrsconsequence and I’s celebration :mrgreen:

    bouncy castle might have to go on the list too!


    congrats and super happy vibes for holly tomorrow B’mitch πŸ™‚


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    Well, after almost 10 years together, I proposed on Christmas day just gone. We’re getting married next June.

    I made this mistake. Spending my wedding night with someone I’d been sleeping with for that length of time didn’t really inspire me.

    Been divorced 3 years in June, best thing I ever did. More sex than I’ve ever had in my entire life; just bought a beautiful home with an acre of woodland and its own stream (my ex would never have agreed to that!); fitter than I’ve ever been as I can ride as and when I want…

    So yeah, perfectly happy with my relationship situation! πŸ™‚

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    and a few ups and owns along the way.

    You hit her with Bombers???


    well, I haven’t been together with my missus that long, and TBH she can be a bit rubbish sometimes LOL, but the thing is, you just know that it’s worth fighting for. If the relationship wasn’t worth it, or I didn’t feel that strong, I wouldn’t have bothered, y’know? but I luv her, really really, pretty much from the first time I saw her really. Sometimes you just look at some-one and know don’t you.


    Love/lust at first sight. A couple of times yes but our life projects weren’t compatible so after some good times we went our own ways.

    Madame looked slightly nervous the first time we met, the only seat left on the bus was next to some bloke with scruffy peroxide hair. She sat down though and by the end of the journey I was pretty sure we’d be seeing a lot more of each other. With hindsight I’d change a few things in my life but I’d make sure I was on that bus.

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    3 months 4 days for me and my girlfriend. πŸ™‚


    We got together in ’89 after being good mates (but lusting after each other) for 18 months. I think we knew that each other were keepers as we had got a mortgage and moved in with each other after 7 months.

    After 13 years we’d got the drinking and spending cash we didn’t have out of our systems and got married , 2 years later carlosjnr mk1 arrived and last year jnr mk2.

    IMO my wife is that most fantastic thing that ever happened to me , having the kids is just an extra bonus.


    After a long journey of our long term relationship (which started when we started studying at college), we are finally getting married now. To my beloved Josephan, a very understanding and caring woman in my life! Lovable as always.

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