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  • Housing Benefit
  • Hi, After getting lost in the maze that is government information does anyone know what the maximum salary you can have before you qualify?

    I’m a student (who works) but i know i wont qualify, but my wife works full time but for minimum wage. While we can survive without it, it would mean i might be able to afford a beer every now and then! (i dont know how most students afford to get drunk!)

    It seems like you dont necessarily qualify if you work full time, but you do if you are on the dole?

    not that simple to just be able to say that at a certain salary you’ll get nowt; it depends on your full family circumstances and obviously also how much your rent is, but also whereabouts you live too (because your entitlement is calculated based on levels of rent for your area too).

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    Use this to tell you:

    Benefits Adviser

    More info here: Advice Guide

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    from what you’ve said it’s likely that your income is too high to qualify for any housing benefit.

    are you a full time student? if you are, do you get a 25% discount from your council tax?

    the following link is very accurate. takes minutes to complete

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    Most councils websites will have some sort of of calculator, the LHA direct website will give you a pointer but not the income factor – and the LHA rules/rates were tightened from April, I’m afraid.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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