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  • House insurance renewal – which is best?
  • rogerthecat

    We use Direct Line. They have always come though if we needed them – just had some remedial work done on the back of the house, under their cover, which was quite extensive.

    Not sure of premiums but it’s on a DD.


    Time to renew the house insurance. Used M&S for the last few years because of their inclusive bike cover but have had a huge quote this year, over £650.

    Are there any decent alternatives to M&S? Makes me wonder whether it’d be cheaper to insure the bikes separately.


    No loyalty in the insurance market. I was happily with M&S until they massively increased my premium and basically forced me to leave.

    Am now with Swiftcover who I left for car insurance for precisely the same reason!

    No equivalent bike cover to M&S but I can live with that as my bikes are stored securely (way to tempt fate!) and I do not leave them outside.

    I went with the post office. Bike specified and covered at £3500. Just under £450 for the year which also includes other expensive items like watches and jewellery. I think I initially found it via the meerkat…


    Thanks folks I’ll have a look at those. Got this horrible feeling that as soon as I take less cover on the bikes they’ll go missing.


    I spoke to Co-op and they only cover bikes up to £2500


    I spoke to the AA yesterday and their standard policy covers bikes to £1.5k per bike. Bikes above this can be covered but need declared separately. I’m getting good prices from them with the bonus of £28 cash back via Quidco. Worth a look.


    I’m with Direct Line on their + policy. I think it came in about £200 a year cheaper than M&S.

    It states single article limit £1000. However they have just replaced my stolen bike and replaced it with a £2400 one. When I spoke to them initialy as well they confirmed the £1000 limit was not for bikes, and they kind of implied there was no limit.

    However I would want to get it confirmed to me personally if I was taking a policy out with them.

    Can’t fault their claims service it was fantastic.


    I too have just signed up with Direct Line house insurance, I thought the cover for bikes was £1000 but checking Direct Line Home Insurance Plus cover – bicycles are insured “Up to Contents sum insured”

    Much Cheaper than John Lewis too

    Premier Icon rugbydick

    From Direct Line’s website:

    On our Home Insurance policy, pedal cycles must be specified separately, regardless of value, if you require cover outside the home. (If you have a Home Insurance Plus policy pedal cycles are automatically included, up to £1,000 per cycle, under Personal Possessions).


    Found American Express to be cheapest using one of those comparison sites. About £370 for the year, £4k bike, £2.5k bike, mac book and some jewellery named on there. All covered away from home too. M&S wanted nearly £800 for that lot

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