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  • House/Dance Music memories
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    Moneypenny’s was my regular haunt for a few years, wasn’t really the same when it moved from Bonds, though I did follow it around to the Church then Canal. Hated it when Dario G Sunchyme came on at the end of the night, didn’t like that song and also the night was only just getting started then

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    For me the sound of Glasgow in the 90’s, man I used to feel soo cool back then…Pressure, Subculture while most of my pals still just wanted to go to the Cathouse.

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    Sterns in Worthing. what a place….the underground with the green laser,
    NYE 92 took my first pill there aged 17. carl cox on 3 decks banging out Techno.

    Orange Club – Astoria
    Interdance in East London
    Club UK Wandsworth
    Institue of Goa
    Then went to Newcastle Uni
    One went to the orbit in Leeds – now that was a night to remember.

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    Stu Allan!

    A staple in the musical diet of the early 90’s Manchester teenager.

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    Boy George at the sound exchange in Banbury… awesome night, those were the days

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    Boy George gave me a dead leg once when he crashed his record box into my leg on the stairs in Cream, think it was their 2nd birthday night, not my favourite DJ

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    Around 88/89 The Jolly Boatman at Hampton Court and Slough Centre Halls were our local places. Both were unpretentious bangin’ venues, a world away from the Cinderellas type clubs that came before.
    In 1990 we went to a Kaos weekender run by Danny Rampling which was at a holiday camp in Yarmouth (I think!).
    The 90’s featured all the London clubs except Home, but in particular Strawberry Sundae in Vauxhall which was always rocking and had a loyal crowd.
    Now in our 50’s we occasionally go to Memory Box parties, usually based in Peckham. They get great names playing there, the last one was Hardfloor.
    Anyone know of any old school rave nights still going ? Pre covid obviously

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    How about the pirate radio stations for the rave scene. In West London it was Green Apple and The Smart Boys.

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    Boy George at the sound exchange in Banbury

    I saw him play at The Guildhall (not a club, the actual guildhall) in Northampton many years ago. He was alright from what I remember, nothing special. This is the main hall, obviously less chairs in there on a club night.

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    Speaking of Danny Rampling his driver/manager died the other day, that also brings me onto this, Phil Asher passed away yesterday

    This remix of his is one of my all time favourite tunes

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    Paul Taylor and Rob tissera both class from 88 to now

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    My absolute standout was Tall Paul’s set at God’s Kitchen at the Custard Factory

    He was resident at The Gallery at Turnmills, the best and most reliable big club night in London for a few years IMO.

    Always did a good set, great at treading the line between banging and the more euphoric stuff iirc.

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    The more I read of this thread the more I realise how fortunate we were to grow up at that time. There may never be the opportunity for such a thing again, not in the way it was such a stark contrast, so simple but also so amazing and pioneering. Nights I remember were anything in the Hippo club, queuing up and the whole building was vibrating outside with bass. A night called The spice of life in Cardiff was amazing as a 16 year old sneaking in and being blown away by the size, noise and laser lights. Many a night where water was dripping from the ceiling from sweat. Good times. I miss the sound and feeling of heavy bass

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