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  • hotfoot with spd’s. thoughts.
  • ton
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    been doing some longer distance ride, couple of 100 milers in the last month.  got some more coming up.

    been using spd’s which i dont really get on with now, But i feel they offer a bit on the road but i am suffering terrible hotfoot after a couple of hours.

    shoes are wide enough. cleats in a good comfy place. got good quality insoles fitted.  cant think of anything else to do.

    thing is, i have ridden long rides on flats and flat suitable shoes with no issues.

    thinking this may be the way to go.  comfort over performance kind of set up.

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    I have the same issue and use a single sided spd which is road biased and has a wider platform to help spread the load on the sole of the foot.

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    Something like this.,for%20a%20user%20interface%20niggle.

    Mine are Ultregra now renamed.

    Stiff sole on shoe helps as well.

    I assume your spd are just the smaller style Shimano ones, not the larger platform ones?

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    Very pedal/cleat/shoe specific. I’ve long recommended Crank Bros Candy pedals as the “cage” around the engagement mechanism can, with the right shoes, provide some additional support and spread the load over more of the sole.

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    I think stiffer soled shoes help – but there’s quite a few factors that go into it.

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    Shimano Trail SPDs have a wide platform that works well with softer soles. Stiffer soles still better too though.

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    Hi, what are you meaning by Hotfoot ?

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    I think stiffer soled shoes help

    This is my experience – in either my winter Mavic boots or my full-on XC disco slippers I never had an issue, but the Shimano goretex shoes I got when looking for something more 3-season I find I also get “hotfoot”.

    Bought a pair of 5:10 Kestral boa’s in the Evans sale, on recommendation – impressively stiff and no foot issues (did 60 mile recently, over half offroad on the gravel bike).

    Use standard no-cage Shimano 540’s.

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    I removed my insoles, filled the cavity on the top of the cleat with silicon sealant, levelled it with a credit card, and refitted insoles.

    No more hot spots on my feet

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    There’s a few things.

    Some shoes don’t match some pedals very nicely. The outsole of my Recon 3s doesn’t contact the body of my Shimano pedals so it gives that standing on an ice cube feeling. (I’m quite light and the shoes are quite stiff so although it feels a bit sketchy it doesn’t cause comfort issues for me).

    Shoe stiffness, as above. I suspect you can put rather more force through your shoes than the average guy, so unless you’re using super stiff XC disco slippers, you’ll be getting more sole flex than typical.

    Have you checked the ends of the bolt threads aren’t protruding inside the shoe at all?

    Even though they’re not the best fitting shoes for me, I find the combo of Shimano shoes and Shimano pedals the best overall solution as they work together very nicely.

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    I put a few layers of duct tape on the underside of the insole and it seemed to help.

    May have been all in the mind though.

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    thanks for all the ideas fellas.

    been for a ride today on flats. no problems.

    measured the spd shoes ( which i thought were wide ) against the flat shoes.

    the spd shoes are nowhere near as wide, inside or out. i fear this may be part of the problem.

    gonna do a long ride on the flat set up tomorrow and see how the fare. if poor, some new wide fit shoes may be getting purchased.

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    I take it you are talking about hot spots.  It can be very shoe specific.  For example I get them with Shimano shoes but not Specialized . Have you had your arch measured and got the correct insoles for your type ? As said it can be caused by many factors.

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