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    Can anyone recommend a place to stay somewhere en route between Calais and Paris, will be driving, ideally closer to Paris than Dover, just one night to break up the journey
    Also a decent, reasonably cheap hotel with parking (or parking near by) in Paris, near a metro, suitable for family, will be 2 nights so half decent but not after anything that’s silly money


    I wouldn’t have thought you needed to break up the journey between Calais and Paris. It’s not that far.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    No it’s not, but coming from Derby and going to Eurodisney
    Plan is to travel Monday, get somewhere near, stay in cheap roadside hotel Monday eve and get to Disney early Tuesday to make the most of the first day, otherwise we won’t get there until park is closing and effectively loose the 1st day of our park pass. Cheap F1 or Ibis type place will be fraction price of hotels near Disney
    It’s all good though cause at the end of Disney is the Tour in Paris 🙂


    Hi, we stayed here when we went to Eurodisney, it’s in a weird industrial estate, but was very nice with great food.


    I travel quite often from Leeds to Spain stopping of near Limoges for a break but I usually drive through the night to avoid the traffic hitting Paris before 6am. I’ve done Paris during morning rush and don’t wish it anyone.
    If your kids sleep in the car I’d overnight in the UK set off early doors to arrive at your chosen time. A little more tiring on you but you’d get the full day at Disneyland an early night and you be refreshed for the rest if the holiday.
    Are you going by ferry or tunnel as the later will knock a couple of hours off the journey.

    We have stayed here a few times, basic but clean and usually fairly quiet:

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Have a search on the usual booking sites Novotel, Mercury and Logis are all decent enough chains, the last is probably my pick fairly simple but usually with ok restaurant. I’ve stayed in the Formule 1 places a few times, super budget but could be an experience ! The park is on the East side of Paris, it’s easiest to drive out there although the train does run out from Paris.

    Edit: I would avoid staying inside the Peripherique if you’re driving, stay outside and drive to the park and take a train/metro into the city if you want to visit the sights. I’ve been living in Paris most of the last year and still find the driving quite “entertaining” – I’m going to the park tomorrow my kids are in their 20’s just going as a big kid myself 🙂

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    We stayed here Golden Tulip, Marne La Vallee a couple of weeks before Christmas. Booked though
    It worked out at £80 a night for a family room, with breakfast & underground parking. Will definitely be using it again. Room was huge. Breakfast was fantastic, & the place was spotlessly clean. Staff were great too.
    You should be able to jump on the train from Marne La Vallee in to Paris. The day we spent in Paris was just ace. Even the kids loved it.

    Marne La Vallee is a reasonable place too, a few restaurants etc. Its about 10mins drive from Disney, back along the A4 towards Paris. Eating at Disney is a joke. Eating at Cafe Micky was about the lowest point of our holiday…£130 for two pizzas & what can only be described as two ready meals. Those small mixer cans you get on an aearoplane…£3.50 each. Truly truly terrible. Even the McDonalds at the Disney Vilage is terrible.

    Also, bear in mind its 15 Euros a day to park at Disney. 😐
    We have annual passes so got it free.
    (We went for 4 days during the summer & it was cheaper to buy annual passes than a multi day ticket…£320 vs nearly £600), hence us going back a couple of times.

    A Formula1 is the cheapest place to stay, about £28 for a family room, but we never used one this time. Its about 2.5 hours from the ports to Disney. We prefer to go via Dunkirk, as the roads are quieter. You head for Lille then pick up the toll road half way to Paris, saves about £20.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    really liked this one but no idea about parking

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