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  • Hotel recommendation west/north of Bolton please
  • Must be a Travelodge nearby

    Premier Icon binners

    4/5 star? In Bolton? You'll be lucky to get indoor plumbing 🙂

    I'd go for Mancheter. Stay in the Hilton. Pop across the road to Dimitris for quality Tapas, then nip for decent beer round the corner at the Britons Protection or The Peveril of the Peak.

    Then commute to Bolton. You'll be going the opposite way to all the traffic


    Went to a wedding reception at the Ramada a couple of weeks ago.
    Very close to M61 and I was impressed by the food.

    Also there must be at least one decent Hotel on the Rebok stadium complex on t'other side of the Motorway

    Premier Icon binners

    Or bring a bike and some lights, stay at the Reebok and get some riding in around Rivi. What night you there?

    Travelodge? Thanks but no thanks, not when the company is paying 🙂

    I'll have a look at the Ramada

    Binners – Looks like it's going to be Tuesday night. Was thinking about getting a ride in. Might be able to get down in time, but I'm a bit concerned about leaving the bike in the car overnight. Hotel car parks are not that secure, and one of the hotels I looked at in central Manchester you had to park in a public multi storey. What night do you go out, and what do you reckon on the security

    The Jarvis at Blackrod?


    There's one at the Reebok stadium De Vere's [or similar] looks OK – never been though

    Down there on business next week just for a night. Suggestions please for something nice, either with a reasonable restaurant or with restaurants close by. The company is paying so OK for 4/5 star. My meeting is not far from J6 of the M61, so would like to be within 20 mins drive of there

    Thanks in advance

    Premier Icon binners

    If I was paying 4/5 star prices I'd be expecting/demanding some security. I've on occasssion just carried my bike through reception into my room.

    My emails in my profile. If you want to give me a shout, we'd happily take you out round Rivi. Its great riding. Particularly the Belmont/San Merino descent and the Ice Cream RUn

    The Jarvis and Blackrod looks pretty good and the De Vere at the Reebok Stadium looks OK as well.

    Binners, thanks. I'll give the Reebok a shout on security and see if I can get down in time. Will ping you a mail

    Binners, unless I'm doing something wrong can't see any email in your profile

    Premier Icon binners

    Sorry. Its binandbopAThotmailDOTcom. Give us a shout. As luck would have it I'm over that neck of the woods on Tuesday afternoon/evening anyway. It'd be bad form not to show you round our local playground 🙂

    Premier Icon lowey

    Devere Whites in the Reebok, or the Jarvis are both literally a minute of Junction 6. Bit "reppy" if you know what I mean. Alternatively, you could try the Last Drop Village Hotel. Its about 15-20min drive but is very nice and you can ride off road straight from the car park.

    Thanks lowey. I know exactly what you mean about "reppy" hotels and try to avoid them. That mercure place looks nice so might give that a go. If I can get down in time I'm hoping to get out for a ride with binners as he offered, so might put up with the Reebok for the sake of convenience. Ambiance not so important if I'm just going to use it to change and sleep.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Shame its a Tuesday, the only night I cant ride otherwise I'd have shown you round with Binners.

    If its any other night and you stay at the Last Drop, I can meet you up there for a run out around some of the lesser known Bolton stuff.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    The Last Drop is OK, but you are a bit out on a limb – Bromley Cross can be a bit rough in places 😉 I'd avoid the Jarvis in Blackrod, but the DeVere Whites at the Reebok is standard De Vere fayre – quite good.

    Another option would be Egerton House, just up the road from the Last Drop.

    In Bolton Centre there is the Pack Horse Hotel (OK), and the Holiday Inn (better).

    If I was you and work was paying, then it would be the DeVere Whites. If you took a bike, you could be up Winter Hill (Rivington) within a 20 minute spin.

    It is about 30mins from J6 M61 so maybe a bit further afield than you would like but I would recommend Northcote Manorin the Ribble Valley.

    Run by Michelin stared chef, and in fantastic surroundings.

    lowey – shame – possibly next time if the people I am seeing become a customer

    Thanks geoffj. Probably will go for the De Vere then as I'm intending to to ride, subject to getting there in time. Checked with them and they have somewhere they can keep the bike overnight so car break in worries averted

    If company paying then Mal Maison in Manchester. Decor is like a luxury brothel, especially in the suites. Not cheap, doesn't have a * rating but calls itself a "boutique" hotel, whatever one of them is!!

    Other option west of Bolton would be the Thistle hotel near the M6/A580 junction, good road access to the bolton area.

    mfl, thanks – I like the Malmaison hotels and thought about that one, but staying out near the Reebok I can get a ride in

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