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  • Hot Toddy recipes please!
  • So we’re having a christmas drinks night tomorrow in the flat, Rum Eggnog, Gluhwein and introducing my Canadian friends to Hot Toddy. Horrendous hangovers guaranteed…

    I’ve experimented with honey in the bottom of the mug, half slice of lemon, spiced plum tea (plum, cinnamon, cloves) and a dram of whisky (Jonnie Walker red, if you ask, but Black Grouse for the main event).

    Was pretty good, think the tea masked the lemon which was a shame though, might try it just with hot water next time. Any other tips?

    Any other tips for getting Canadians drunk on whisky? 😀


    Erm hot toddy is sugar, lemon, bit of water & whiskey and that’s it!

    Well, yeah… but you need a bit of flair if you’re doing it at a party, I’m not going for medicinal hot toddy here! 8)

    If any Scots or Irish turn up I’ll give them the traditional recipe so as not to upset them.


    I make it with honey, lemon, hot water, whole cloves and Grant’s. Lovely!


    Spiced cider is my favourite, you will need

    2 bottles cider any
    2 cinamon sticks
    1 orange quartered and crushed
    6 cloves
    6 cardomon seeds split
    3 bay leaf
    splash lime cordial
    i glass red wine (for colour)
    gentley heat dont boil for 20 mins
    sip or smash it down iun one

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    2parts ginger beer, 1 part orange juice, and rum.

    serve hot.


    You can whack* some ginger in there as well.

    *caution is required when whacking as the beverage contains hot water which may scald you. Neither myself or anyone I know will be responsible for any injuries caused by whacking ginger into the aforementioned beverage

    Premier Icon binners

    How about having Blobs too….

    + sugar + lemon + hot water

    They’re doing them in our local at the moment. Luverley after tonights night ride methinks 😀

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    I prefer mine with a normal tea bag (used earl grey last time) and more whiskey than advertised.
    Whiskey (more than usual – about 1/3rd)
    Tea bag (remove after a min)
    Lemon (add last because it doesn’t like being too hot)
    Touch of cinnamon if you like.

    It becomes more of a spirit version of mulled wine, but I like.


    How about having Blobs too….

    + sugar + lemon + hot water

    Ha, that brings back memories of nights out in Oldham!

    I’ve not seen that in years, but then again we don’t have any Yates darn sowf.

    Premier Icon binners

    It reminds me of the Blob Shop at the top of Market Street in Manchester. I’ve misspent a few cold afternoons in there 😀


    Ian – if you put in single malt I’ll get a plane over there just to slap you 🙂


    Just added this to favourites 😉


    Hot water
    Posh tea


    Pour a large whiskey to keep you going while preparing
    Put posh tea in a diffusion basket
    Pour a large spoon on honey over the diffuser
    Top up your whiskey to steady your nerves
    Pour hot water over diffuser so the honey dissolves and the tea brews
    Wait about 3 minutes, just time for that extra whiskey
    Remove the diffuser and give the tea to the wife and settle down with the remaining whiskey

    Get a glass half pint glass with handle
    Teaspoon of honey in the bottom
    Slice of lemon in there too
    Stick of cinnamon
    Generous measure of your favourite whisky try and avoid islays it goes best with speysides or blends
    Finally grate about 3mm of fresh ginger into a tea strainer and pour the just boiled water of the ginger into the glass
    Let the ginger steep in the glass for a minute.
    Remove and enjoy

    Or try a hot buttered rum. My misses lives em.


    You’re all wrong, hot alcoholic drinks are, without exception, minging.

    IHNS – I tend to agree, you may want to re-read the method section of my recipe


    Ah, I see what you did there.

    You shall be spared, come the revolution 🙂


    A hot milk chocolate ovaltine with amaretto 🙂

    Haha, good advice WCA.

    My original recipe seemed to go down well although it was the third drink of the night after mulled wine with port and then mulled cider (with Rum). All washed down with some home-made egg-nog (with, variously, rum, whisky, then rum and whisky).

    Good night all round I thought. 8)

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