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  • Hot drinks holder
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    A year or two back these were all the rage (it might be many years ago)I resisted but now I fancy one I cannot find a decent one.

    It needs to fit in to a normal bottle cage, it needs to keep coffe or tea or mulled wine hot for an hour or more and I need to be able to drink one handed on the move (so no screw caps)

    Any ideas or links to the right stuff — good kharma to all good replies 😀


    Lifeventure FTW (On offer on Sportpursuit ATM)

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    cheers wobat, thats a great deal,I will use this for fell walking and biving — still need one to use one handed when I’m riding


    Lifeventure transit mug

    I use this one. Keeps drinks hot for a few hours. Push the rectangular button on the lid whilst drinking to allow liquid to flow.


    avoid the ones with a small spout and push button in the top – the open/close mechanism is lousy and seizes, it’s also impossible to disassemble/fix/service.

    Great while it lasted, but only managed 6 months use. Other people have reported similar problems for various brands using the same design (far east manufacture)

    Mine was one of CTBM’s

    but Esbit sell the same product with their own branding.

    The one Im using at the moment came from morrisions, has a flip top lid with double lock and works a treat.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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