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  • Hope XCR Pro X2 Review | How good can 199g brakes really be?
  • singletrackandi
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    Fresh new Hope XCR Pro X2 stoppers for XC racers or trail bike riders wanting to save on weight, but do they offer as much power as the competition? W …

    By singletrackandi

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    Don’t need to read your review ,I have my own , utter crap and they weigh 219g how nice of them to weigh the front only to get the 199g FIGURE BECAUSE THE REAR IS NO WHERE NEAR
    Lot of money for an x2 caliper and quite a flexible poorly engineered carbon brake lever.

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    I have not read it either there will probably be some reference to ‘amazing engineering’….which is actually just lots of expensive pointless machining on a product just does not actually function that well.

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    10% Power increase over Race Evo lever

    Hope levers have been throwing that ‘10% extra’ for the last several incarnations.
    The pro lever has 10% over the sport lever, the new mono lever has etc etc. We must be up to 70% increase in power from the initial C2 pro to today. :lol:

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    Have to say I like mine……

    Does what it’s says – it’s a lightweight xc brake. As for the 10% claim, can’t say I’ve notice any difference between the tech3 E4/X2 setup they replaced on my bike – they’re just a little lighter.

    My biggest annoyance – which goes for all hope brakes that use the X2 caliper, is the hose angle on the rear brake isn’t adjustable.

    Lots of money for what they are and I’m sure theres some cycle boom inflation to blame for that. Had to leave the hoses long for the swept bars I sometimes run.

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    I’ve not read the comments, but I’m sure they’re full of hatred for a UK company.

    I’m also hoping there’s a ‘Shimano brakes are more powerful than the Hope brakes I used 20 years ago’.

    Come on STW! Bring it on!!!!

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    “Super lightweight?” Heavier than a decade-old Formula R1… Which isn’t that big of a deal, except that they’ve made the weight a big deal, while also inevitably machining them specifically so that there’s material left behind that’s not doing anything except making people go “ooooh look, cnc’d!”.

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    @Northwind they were really that light?

    ST magazine wanting more colour choices, this is why I rarely read reviews.

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    @Al, Yeah, 180g for the standard, bit less for the really pimpy ones, bit more if you wanted the twiddly dials.

    Actually was curious so I looked up my The Ones, they’re 215g with the alu levers, so sub-200g with the carbon. Got a set of those on the dh bike…

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    You tested Hope Brakes XC brakes on a trail bike with non-Hope Rotors? Were you a bit busy to do a proper review? These are superb brakes with great feel that work and continue to work race after race (at least that’s what my lad who races them says)

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