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  • Hope XC wheel/Camelbak/stems/bar/garmin mount
  • Mackem

    For sale.

    1. Hope XC hub on Mavic 717 rim. This wheel is straight and true and has been forever, just never bends. The only reason I’m selling is because my new back wheel has a black rim and this doesnt match. (Yes, I’m a tart).

    45 pounds

    I’ll include the rotor but not the QR.

    2. Sunline V1 762 straight bar. Cut down to non clown width of 720mm. Good bar, not used much.

    15 pounds

    3. I accidentally bought the wrong Garmin GPS mount, so never used.

    a fiver

    4. Well used camelbak (MULE I think) with bladder. (I dont have the scurvy, so a quick Milton wash sort sort it). One zip doesnt work, but the other does so opening/shutting action is not affected. Good bag, not being used as I have a new one.

    15 pounds

    5. KCNC stem. Oversize bar. 50mm length. Nice but a bit too short for me.

    15 pounds

    6. Outland I think, 60mm length, oversize, does the job. Too long and wrong colour, one bolt has gone missing.

    a tenner

    I’m around until this afternoon to answer queries, take photos, etc. but I travelling back to UK over the next couple of days. Stuff will be posted from UK, I’m flexible on price, especially if I dont need to do postage and/or multiple items.

    I’m going to be in Co. Durham until 30th January and then the Wirral until 5th January. I’ll be riding my bike round Hamsterley and Llandegla for any handovers.


    Premier Icon Kryton57

    YGM re Garmin mounts.


    I’ll take the bars. Mail me to sort payment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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