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  • Hope X2 or New SLX brake?
  • duir

    That’s surprising for V2’s, mine squeal a bit in the wet until they heat up then stop squealing but the difference in power in the wet is barely detectable. What pads you using?


    no. the kid i was coaching rode my bike for a bit and could stop on his easily but not on mine!! same conditions diff brakes

    Would be a good comparison if they both had the same pads. Maybe try some new ones, they might be contaminated.


    Go for the Hopes, used them myself and they FEEL great. Power isn’t everything as someone said. Ultimate power just locks the brake quickly, ultimate feel helps you out when needed. No one builds feel into their brakes like Hope and that’s the main reason I use them. Think what you like about looks though – that’s only in the eye of the beholder, as they say. Personally I think they are also the best looking on the market currently.

    I can’t see the point in using anything other than Shimano. I gave up on Hopes a few years ago. Love my old XTR ones and all the other Shimano brakes I have had. Hated every set of Hopes I ever had. You need the spares as they always need messing about with. Granted Shimano spares are pretty none existent but you rarely need them!


    I can’t see the point in using anything other than Shimano

    I can

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    sambob wrote:

    New SLX FTW. Awesome brakes, even compared to the best, never id the fact they’re less than £60 an end.

    Where from?


    I find the setting of the BPC and reach on the Hope Tech’s has a massive bearing on power as well as perfectly centring the caliper and pads. There is no shortcut for this so remove pads to centre caliper and then fine tune pads to bite evenly with a small screw driver. With the BPC dialled fully in adjust the reach adjuster to suit and that gives incredible power. Don’t forget to bleed with the nipple at the highest point of the caliper and the BPC and reach fully out.

    That said I found the X2s underpowered on my 150mm Enduro style bike and upgraded to M4s instead. I am not light and ride that bike hard but even on massive long descents in the wet my M4s or V2’s (on DH bike) have never lacked power.

    But X2 v’s SLX well not sure as the shimano stuff is excellent too.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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