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    Not had time to count up but the voting trend still seems to be pro-Hope

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    My Hayes strokers are much more powerful than the mono minis they replaced.


    mini have moved on twice since strokers were released so no surprise that strokers are more powerful when compared to older minis.

    like comparing a 1995 diesel engine v's a 2005 one.. course it will be better the technology and product has moved on.

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    Hope here. Being a mechanical numpty, the best thing I like about them is that Hope are only 20 mins from where I live. Their customer service is legendary and they will do a full rebuild for around £35 for a mono mini IIRC. Comes back bled and as good as a new brake.


    Hope !!!!!!

    No contest!!!

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    Started with Hope on the old Mono Mini's, had over-cooking problems so went to Avid, big mistake, constant attention-seekers with sticking pistons (and pads are bu99ers to change). Now going back to Hope M4's, so much better than Juicy's with reliability and much more power, agree with the comments above in support of Hope.

    Never tried Maguras so can't comment.


    Modern brake systems are open, and DOT fluid is hydroscopic, it absorbs water vapour out of the atmosphere, so performance can degrade over time. Not too much of an issue if you're just doing regular xc type rides, but when long draggy downhills involving heat build-up are included, then the water allows heat to fade the brakes. If systems were sealed, then my six year old M4's wouldn't work 'cos one of the bleed nipple covers has been missing for a couple of years. Since the last time they were bled, I think. My six year old M4 Mono's haven't been bled for about the same time, either, and they work just fine. Both sets still got the original pads in too. If I was looking for an alternative, then Formula or Quad, depending on budget.


    Hope Tech X2's, enough said.

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    Looks like I'll be staying with the Hopes then…

    They all work make your choice

    British Vs Far East Vs German

    Bling Vs Pretty Vs Functional


    Useful thread. I had 2002 Minis and total cack, lever to bar in Alps, constant bleeds needed but when working were good for feel and power and weight. Since 2006 running Juicy 7s and much better – never been bled (I can't think of anything worse – no way is that an acceptable level of maintenance IMO – I want everything to be fit and forget for life), have never given way on the longest descent but they are a nightmare to change pads and for that reason alone I was considering a change but this thread has just muddied the waters really. Great service from Hope sopunds good but I don't want failure to start with and what do I ride when the brakes have gone back to Hope for a fix?

    Surely someone can design and build a brake that is kight, has easy to change pads, doesn't leak and doesn't fade on Alpine descents. My gut instinct is to go magura as them Germans tend to have functionality and reliability sussed out the best.


    I would agree hh45, bought a 2nd hand bike with some Magura Louise FR's on it and have never had a more powerful brake, really like them but the front brake failed last week (spongy even after a bleed).
    Spoken to the distributer and they 'only' way to have it serviced is to return it to them (they do not sell seal kits), great if you bought it new (as they have a 5yr warrenty) but mine are 2nd hand, so I have to return the brake to them with no idea of how much it may cost to repair.

    Pretty poor, I'll be buying Hope or Hayes in the future.

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    Hope all the way for me.

    I started with the old split caliper minis which worked fine, even in Morzine, I currently have 2 sets of black and gold M4's both bought new almost as soon as they came out. One caliper had a leaky seal, I have a set of second hand mono minis on my wifes bike and a set of Tech X2s on the Superlight. All are pretty much faultless.

    They are easy to fix and bleed but need no attention. If they ever do you are never far from someone who knows how to fix them.


    hh45. as i said we were some of the first people in the UK to get the new tech m4.
    initially yes we had issues, now…. perfect.

    for my money the have neg but lost of pluses.
    easy to change pads
    good "new" black material powerful and long lasting
    easy to maintain
    a "UK" product (mostly)
    don't overheat (not many do now a days though all heat dissipation issues are easy dealt with on most modern brakes)

    a bit to "industrial" for looks (personally i love the cnc look)
    occasionally hit and miss issues (but backed up by Hope's CS i don't worry, my new set have been great from Hope after they replaced them)


    After problems with sticking pistons on my oe juicy 5's and same sticky pistons on the ultimates that replaced them, I was getting increasingly hacked off with continually stripping, cleaning, relubing and bleeding so finally took the plunge and swapped for some Hope Brakes – tech M4 front, and hopetech X2 on the back. In 4 months I have had no regrets the levers are easy to adjust for reach/bite and feel really solid, the matchmaker clamps are great despite what i'd read. the brakes feel more powerful than the Avids and have a really good feel. And original pads seem lots cheaper than the Avid oe versions too.


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