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  • mst_biker


    Just wondering if anyone uses the latest Hope Vision One light off-road and how they found it.

    It looks like a great piece of kit but i’m not whether it is limited to commuting.



    I don’t realy use it for much else than commuting (bike wise).

    Its heavy, too heavy for a helmet.

    I like the fact that I can whip off the bar mount and use it as a torch, very handy.

    I have used mine on the Ridgeway and a disused railway line – both wide tracks and it was fine. Wouldn’t want to do anything remotely techie with it. Fine for the above though and perfect for unlit country lanes. Agree it’s heavy, wouldn’t want it on my head!

    Mine is the old one, the new one is supposed to be brighter.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    It’s a great road or dark unlit track light, wouldn’t want to de serious night riding with it.

    Mines is on my road bike for night time winter training rides along dark lanes.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    I have a two year old model. If you plan to use on high then take spare batteries as it gives little warning it will cut out.

    The other summaries above echo my thoughts. I have a big strong neck and two hours of it helmet mounted gave me a week of stiff neck.

    Now mainly gets used on the commuter for non street lit stuff and maxed d does trail duties.


    Great light on the road but there’s better options for off road. Mine sits on my road bike and gets thrown in the pack as a backup light.

    Premier Icon simmy

    Same as above, mines on the road bike.

    Had mine about 2 years and its a cracking little light for pottering on bike paths etc, but it gives no warning at all when it’s loosing power and just turns off.

    Happened to me descending George’s Lane Rivington, luckily my mates light provided enough vision to stop safely. Could have been nasty if it had gone off on anything techy.


    Got the old veriosn for oad riding, perfect for that. Enough power and very easy to change batteries, just AAs so loads around and you can always get more in the middle of nowhere is you miscalculate, can’t do that with a rechargable.
    Had mine about 4 years, switch had a problem earlier this year, top service from Hope, working light back in under a week FOC!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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