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  • Royston

    I’ve just been looking on CRC and I’m liking the price of this light. What I’d like to know is the endurance version just comes with two indentical capacity batteries which you’d just swap when one was finished, correct? So feasibly I could buy the basic version of the light and add another battery later if I needed it. Whereas the epic version has a battery with a greater capacity hence the larger price? Am I right

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Yes, You’re right. The 4 cell battery (5200MAh)will last slightly longer than the 2*2 cell batteries (2*2400MAh)


    To be honest you would be better buying the normal model (Winstanleys are £150 iirc) as the Max mode isn’t really noticably brighter than high and you’ll get over 3hrs on high anyway. I went for the Epic as I just leave it on high and forget about it for the rest of the ride.

    I have tried a Vision 4, Vision 2, New Lumi’s, Exposure Enduro Maxx2, Fenix L2d and Tesco torches over the past few months and the Vision 2 is by far the most practical light.

    I was a little dissapointed when it was bar mounted, but helmet mounted it is perfect.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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