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    I’ve just changed from XTR brakes to tech X2s. They are nice and powerful and nicely adjustable. Just make sure that your shifters will fit with the tech levers (they wont fit with shifters which have windows)… The brakes come with stickers that will cover the holes that are left if you have to take shifter windows off…

    Oh – the X2s look lovely too 🙂


    Jammer as posted before, its definately a good move .

    XT and hopeX2 are on a par , hope are way more servicable and replacable , you break a bit , you can replace it .

    Good move mate.

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    i’m thinking of moving back to Hope having spent a bit of time with Hayes and Avids. Thanks for the tip off ref. the stickers to cover the window holes!

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    I bought some about 3 months ago and am, thus far, impressed. The look really smart and feel good too. Lots of stopping power.

    The only issue I have had is that the sintered pads don’t fit the springs very neatly. Very impressed though and of course nice and servicable with a good dealer network and a sensible / caring manufacturer is is English! Which has to be good.


    Mine have the hardest most useless pads i have ever experienced. Im going back to shimano as they can make a lever which isnt so sodding long it fits without dismantling your shifters.



    I’m thinking of changing my 07 XT brakes for the new Hope Tech X2’s.

    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of the hopes.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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