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  • Hope straight pull or standard hubs?
  • Straight pull hubs offer a stiffer wheel at the expense of not being able to readily get replacement spokes from a shop easily. In practice however, I’ve yet to snap or damage a spoke in my Hope Hoops and they come with a few spares when you buy them.


    your in a minority there then blazin saddles

    my hope hoops XC sp3 shreaded spokes at a rate ive never seen before.(and im well under the 85kg weight limit on these wheels)

    Snapping in the middle of the spoke as well….

    trying to find spares was a nightmare – also are the SP hubs the same low spoke count as the hoops? – i ask because how many 24 hole rims do you know of ….. having just had the nightmare of finding a new rim and spokes to suit.

    I just bought new wheels for mrs TRs race bike – shes getting Traditional spokes – and ill be going back to them on my next set of wheels.

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    Standard are easier to build, get spokes for and depending on spoke count, easier to getrims for.

    Straight pull look ttricker and in theory are stiffer although I’m not sure I feel the difference with a 2.4″ tyres at 25 psi.

    Don’t think the 24h ones are made anymore and I’ll agree had an appetite for spokes. I was talking about the current 32h offerings, which are a completely different beast.

    Getting spokes isn’t a nightmare at all, just get the LBS to ring Hope who have thousands of the things, the rims are a standard item, the building issue shouldn’t really matter if you’re buying pre built.

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    My Pro3 AM4 SP wheels do feel a bit stiffer than my old normal Hope’s. Never had any problems with the old ones though, just fancied something a bit different..

    Had a pair of sp4 wheels with flows for 3/4 years and never had a problem them .
    Have even used the front on my DH bike

    Was planing to buy another set for it . But other wheel set come up much cheaper 2nd hand at the time


    I’ve got both – the wheelset with straight pull hubs is a little lighter (same rims on both) and feels more lively for some reason.

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    I have both, TBH I cant notice any difference nor had any issues. Then again I’m obviously not as gnaarrr as ratty.

    I do have unsed SP spare spokes just in case I find my gnaarr gene 😉


    I got the straight-pull Flow wheelset because it’s a tiny bit lighter (25g/wheel according to Hope). No complaints after 18 months of hard regular riding, they’ve held up well. As has been said, you get four ‘free’ spokes with the wheels anyway, not that I’ve had to use them. The flange is harder to clean on the SP hubs, if that bothers you (thinking about it, mine probably carry an extra 25g of mud around).

    I’d buy them over the normal spoked variants again.

    Obviously don’t get the lightweight straight-pull XC3 / Pro3 wheelset confused with the heavier-duty Pro 2 SP evo.

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    I had the same dilemma for my 29er. Went SP because they are supposedly stiffer, which I thought might be important for a bigger wheel size. I also chose them because I am a tart and liked the look of the cool machining in the hubs. I reckoned that a snapped spoke wouldnt be a big issue these days, and they are 32 hole rather than the smaller number of spokes on the old XC3s so should be robust enough.

    I suspect the differences in weight are very small between normal and SP.

    In practice – they are wheels and they work really well – feel ‘zingy’. But I have only had 1 ride so who knows how they will stand up.


    I’m looking at getting some wheels built up, Hope pro 2 on Flow EX 29.

    I like the look of the straight pull hubs but what are the benefits between both?

    Any experiences with the straight pull would be great.

    Cheers 🙂


    Cheers all.

    Going to my LBS to order the wheels today just wanted to put the feelers out.

    Having a quick look around you don’t seem to be able to buy them on their own (The SP Hubs) are they only available in factory built wheels?

    b r

    I’ve 2 sets of SP’s on Crests – no problems over the 18 months I’ve had them.

    Probably cheapest as Hope Hoops.

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    Don’t think the 24h ones are made anymore and I’ll agree had an appetite for spokes.

    They’re still on the website. I assume they’ll be going the way of all flesh though, given that they’re supposedly a ‘race’ wheelset, and a 24h 29er wheel would be a decidedly floppy and short-lived thing. The 24h 26h wheel I had on my bike was short-lived enough.

    i ask because how many 24 hole rims do you know of

    DT XR400, I think.


    The SP hubs aren’t available separately because you can’t easily buy the spokes. Hope special order them from Sapim. The wheelsets are cheaper than the cost of the individual components anyway of you break the costs down.

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    Anyone at Hope reading this and know whether there’s a plan to make a Pro 3 29er wheel?

    And what are the differences between Pro 3 and Pro 2 Evo hubs, anyway?

    Since the Pro2 Evo there’s not really a difference between Pro2 and 3, the pro3 being the road hub now mainly other than the disc less mtb hub, which is basically a road hub with a longer axle. It used to be a stainless bearing upgrade but they all have stainless bearings now.


    Pro3 SPAM4s for 3 years here. No problems, not even required any tensioning.

    Although if I was buying again I would still go SP I wouldn’t for the 4 arm rotor figment as nobody but Hope makes em.

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