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  • joemcdaid

    I’m thinking of getting some hope pro3 am4 wheels with stans flow rims. Any one have a pair and care to rate? I’m unsure on the four bolt rotor being that ill have to say goodbye to my ice-tech rotors and the fact that I can seem to find anywhere that sells these wheels and has them instock.
    Does anybody know if the hubs come in different colours and if so do they know any sites that give you this choice?
    Thanks in advance for the advice/comments


    I’ve had some for ages and been very tough but took them off the enduro a few months ago to save some weight
    Rotors came with the wheels all in the price when I it mine.

    Never seen any in anything other than black but best to ask a hope pro shop or mail hope direct


    I’ve had some for a few years. They have been faultless.

    The proprietary rotors are only made by Hope which means yo are stuck to whatever price they want to charge you should you need to buy another.

    I can’t think of any other downsides if you are after a super-tough and reliable set of wheels for your big bike.


    AM4 are black only afaik.

    Mine were built to order and shipped to store within a week.

    My only complaint is that the alloy freehub is prone to getting knarled by the cassette. I’d suggest enquiring as to the possibility of getting the steel version as an upgrade with the wheels as buying it separately ain’t cheap.


    Got mine off easygirl on here.
    They have been great. 😀 and look good in black.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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