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  • Hope pro2 rear hub question?
  • Lawmanmx

    i had my bike upside down yesterday and spun the cranks to speed and my wheel slowed down much more quickly than i thought it would (full speed and 24 seconds to a dead stop), i thought my brake was rubbing so i took it off completely and spun the wheel up again and it slowed quickly again … is it the ratchett effect in the freehub or is me 5 month old hub a duffer???
    anyone else’s pro 2 hub do the same?


    Normally its the seal between the freehub body and the hub body that will slow the wheel down that dramatically,its worth taking it appart or getting it looked at… or even call HOPE they will have a tech guy who will help,things like that are always hard to diagnose without the offending item in hand.


    Are you getting any wobble/play in the bearings?? Mine have just started and that affected the free spinning just as you decribe.

    Got it booked in as don’t want to tackle it for the sake of £20 labour

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    Just had a friend’s rear hub apart (a bit older than yours) and the bearings in the freehub had all but locked up, causing a similar problem.

    Might be worth having the freehub off to see what’s going on…


    I would remove the wheel and rotate the freehub and then the rotate disc side spacer as well, you should be able to feel where it’s sticking or the drag is being caused.

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    They don’t have very free running bearings anyway, 24 seconds isn’t too bad!


    +1 on the freehub seal.
    it happened to me on a new set of wheels, thought the bearings needing bedding in.
    remove the cassette and guide the seal back in to the hub with a reasonably blunt object.
    re-fit cassette.
    then back to normal…


    lots to go at there Eh! i only got a sealed bearing hub as a fit and forget for a few years type of upgrade, who knew?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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