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  • Hope pro 2 hubs need service, do I?
  • A James

    Can I be arsed to do them myself or should I just take em to the shop?


    Do it yourself, dead easy job, & the warm glow that comes from fixing your own bike 😉
    Check out this Hope video about the rear hub YouTube:


    Grab a Hope bearing kit & give it a go (the specialist tools are nice but not necessarily required)
    That & your local LBS is hopefully busy servicing the summer only crowd’s bikes


    Whether you can be arsed or not should be answered by yourself not the stw massive unless there are members on here who know you very well!
    As for how easy it is then the answer is pretty easy, the hub support is handy, the rest of the tools can be bodged using other items imo. I have all the hope tools fwiw. The above guide is very useful as is this one:

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Takes me much less time to service the hubs than it would to take them to the bike shop.

    Premier Icon drew

    Fitted new bearings to my Hope front hub last week. Followed TJs advice of putting bearings in freezer night before and wrapping a rag/tea towel around the hub and pouring a kettle of hot water carefully over it prior to fitting. Made the job a piece of cake.


    DIY – Front and back service guide I did a while ago might be useful?


    Edit: oops too late 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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