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  • Hope Pro 2 Hub Tools
  • benz

    I’m about to change the rear axle on a Pro 2 hub.

    So…best to buy the correct Hope tools for the job rather than bodge using sockets, etc?

    Cheeky ask….does anyone have the tools which they no longer need – happy to purchase…


    Premier Icon nixie

    It’s easier with the tools but not essential.

    Where are you? You could borrow mine in Southampton (or just come and use them).

    What axle are you swapping as some can get away with just doing the end caps (e.g. has a 142×12 fitted but you need QR then just swap the end caps).


    Watches with interest as my pro 2 rear hub is due an overhaul in the next couple of weeks….

    Sockets, old bearings and a plastic tube out of a roll of tape works fine on pro2 hubs.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    As above, you can manage without, but the tools make things easier. In particular, most sockets have a bevelled outer edge, so if you use them as a drift to press or tap in bearings, they can potentially apply force to the inner race only rather than evenly across both races, which might damage the bearing.

    Premier Icon aide

    Just done this at the weekend, nice and easy with the tools but reckon you could bodge it. Biketart has the kit for about £22. Welcome to borrow mine if you’re near galashiels

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve always just socketed it but to be fair, I have a shitload of different sized and shaped sockets which helps


    I’ve got the tools and will possibly sell depending if they don’t fit my current pro 4. Which tool are included in the kit?


    I’m pretty sure that-

    Pro 2 wont do Pro 2 Evo or Pro 4

    Edit – front Pro 2 fits Pro 2 Evo and Pro 4

    Premier Icon euain

    You’re Aberdeen way aren’t you? I have a set you could borrow. I think, somewhere in the garage.



    Thanks indeed for the offer – PM sent.

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