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  • Hope M4 Evo Bits
  • skybluestu

    Looking at getting these brakes and wanted the opinion of people who have some.
    1. Are braided hoses worth it for general UK conditions with the yearly trip to the Alps riding trails over standard hoses?
    2. Ditto with rotors. Are floating rotors really much better and whats the weight difference between the 2?
    3. How easy are they to bleed well when needed?


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    I’ve got some m4 techs. 203f & 180r floating rotors (super star ones) not had any brake fade and they’ve worked great so far. Got standard hoses, had braded on some clake brakes and they were great at wearing through stickers/ paint/ frame. Bleading is not to difficult similar to doing a cars. Only thing ive noticed is pad wear. But i have been in the gritty peaks most of the summer.


    apparently not a lot in it in terms of weight between floating and fixed rotors, I have used fixed rotors (183 each end) on a 5 in the alps and not had any fade but others i know swear by floating rotors

    I have braided hoses and as they have plastic coating on outside not noticed any extra damage to paint

    Ultra reliable and quite straightforward to bleed

    pad life excellent if you bed in carefully – in my experience

    I’ve got the M4 Evo’s on my BFe and they’re fantastic.
    I’m not sure if the floating rotors are worth the extra but I fitted them anyway, you can never have too much braking!
    Bleeding’s a doddle and can’t comment on pad wear as I’ve not had them long enough.


    I have the M4’s and floating rotors currently working perfectly on their second week in the Alps, they are overkill for most of my uk riding admittedly but extra braking security makes good sense to me. I think the small pay up for the braided hoses is definitely worth it for the “indistructability” and the reduced risk of fade. I also have floating rotors but to be honest that was as much cosmetic (specifying a co,our for the centre part) as it was for improved heat distribution. I’m sure those pressing the brakes super hard can speak to their superior performance.

    Edit: Braided hoses have not worn the frame at all whereas the gear cables have made a mess where I didn’t put helicopter tape.


    All, many thanks, just the sort of feedback I was after.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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