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    Is there a conclusion to what brake for mincing round a forum and online c*ck measuring?



    So, after having my Nomad stolen and Direct Line doing an awesome job on replacement, I am now the proud owner of an Orange Five that I was able to spec up with quite a bit of stuff…..including Hope V4 brakes (had the spare money to spend on them) but I am a bit worried they might be too much brake for the kind of riding I do….XC / trail centres / love the downhills but not a Downhiller!!!! Haven’t ridden them yet (still waiting on some pedals!!!) – do I have any reason to worry about this – is it sensible to be using V4’s or should I be considering dropping to M4’s?


    V4s are only ever any good with rotors bigger than 203 mm FACT

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    Very happy with Hope from an original C2 and XC4 to M4’s on al our bikes… found that the following combo is best for me:

    Phenolic pistons
    Synthetic fluid
    A thinner and flexible Goodridge hose
    EBC Sintered if possible, they have a grove in the pad and work better IMHO than non grooved. (I cut groves in superstar pads for this reason.
    205 floating front, 160 floating rear.

    I never if possible turn them upside down as they are an “open” system.

    Alps, uk, North Africa. Utterly reliable and simple to bleed. No siringes, just the fluid in a bottle and a bit of pipe to fit on the caliper… Even worked with Citroen suspension fluid on one trip to Morocco. M4 use a similar pad shape as Shimano which helps availability too.

    End of the day, you pay your money etc etc.


    Is the reason hope brakes squeak so much is in that they leak fluid most of the time???


    Only thing going for them is they look pretty!


    Run what you like. But my experience is…
    I have had a set of deores, worked faultlessly for the whole time I had them until I sold the bike.

    I used to have Avid Elixir 5’s on my FS, totally unreliable, bled them four times myself, had two different bike shops did it thrice, they would work then suddenly mid ride one or the other would totally fail, resulted in one big crash, and a few near misses, lost confidence in them.

    I fitted Hope M4’s to the FS and I have a set of SLX on the hardtail…

    The M4’s are better

    If I needed new brakes I would get m4’s again unless I felt poor then I would buy shimano’s


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    Is the reason hope brakes squeak so much is in that they leak fluid most of the time???

    Absolutely spot on! 😀

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    nooooo, not again!

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