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  • spev

    It’s normal if you have a cassette without an alu spider. It’s not the end of the cassette body though, just file off the burrs and shove it all back together. I’ve been doing this for years ( since the alloy body was fitted).

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    It’s normal even with a cassette with an alu spider.

    As spev says, tidy it up and put it back together, it’ll probably be fine. It can become a real problem, once it’s gouged enough the cassette moves around on the hub body, but that takes quite a while.

    It’s seem quite difficult to get it back together

    Barrel sits nicely on the flange, slide cassette onto the barrel, cone shape thing (excuse my ignorance) on the bearing then screw the cap back on. Correct??
    Doesn’t seem to be happening for me, where am I going wrong with the process?

    Obviously, I’m not the greatest mech but want to learn

    Doing a bit cleaning, got to taking the cassette off the rear hub (Hope evo2) had a few issues,

    – the alloy cassette (gold bit) came away from the hub flange, but remained inside the cassette.

    – difficult to remove cassette from barrel

    – lots of burring on the splines on the barrel

    – Cleaned everything, re-greased but its difficult to reassemble and tighten.

    Is this normal? is it worth speaking to Hope to get/buy a replacement? I understand they do a steel version, would it be worth getting one, in spite of increased weight?

    grateful for any helpful advice





    Firstly, make sure that you haven’t lost the spacer washer that sits on the axle, secondly, make sure the plastic sealing ring is seated into the hub body, otherwise it’ll drag when you assemble it (probably all covered by the above video). Now may also be a good time to take the opportunity to service the ratchet and pawl mechanism too, they’re a bit prone to getting dirty on the Pro11 hubs.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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