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    Anyone know anywhere that offers colour options on Hope Hoops? I was after some blue hubs on white Flow rims but I can only find black ones listed anywhere online. Tried CRC, Merlin, Wiggle, Rutland, Winstanly, etc. They all only do black.

    Anywhere that comes close to Winstanley's £85/£145 for Pro 2s would be nice too.

    Can I just say that Winstanley's have the most unhelpful person answering their customer services email too.
    Me: What colour options are available on hope hoops please?
    Them:The colours listed on the website are the ones available
    Me: Right but I can't see any colours listed on the website, does that mean you only do black?
    Them: The colours listed on our website are the ones available.



    To be fair they do only come in black.

    You will need to get some hand built from the parts you want – i.e. order blue hubs, white rims and get them assembled.

    Hope only pump black bits into the magic building machine.

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    Ahhhhhhhh, I see!!

    ok stupid me. hmmm, wonder if it's worth the extra effort of getting them built up for tarty colours.


    I got mine from my local bike shop(very rare that I do that now I don't live near merlin cycles), thebikeplace.co.uk. He posts on here as nodrog I think. He said that other colour options on hubs were available because he was a hope service centre and could order them specially. Not sure about rim option. I paid £250 for the pair.


    18bikes got me some hope hoops with red hubs.


    Speak to 18 bikes


    We ordered a set with red hubs from Hope only a few weeks ago, the only thing they ask is that you order them in pairs.Any normal bike shop should be able to get you a set within days.

    Premier Icon 18bikes

    Yup, we can do pro 2 hoops with colours on hubs- only as pairs. Shout us an emailand we'll do what we can?!

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    OK, change of tack slightly. Another option is to just swap my rims out for Flows. Has anyone used a place/shop called Wheelies? (www.wheelies.co.uk) They have Flow rims for the bargain price of fifty quid each.

    Any other bargains about? Most places seem to be around the £70 mark.

    Not from Wiggle… ordered my hoops over a month ago and still no stock apparantly.. grrrr


    Only pro dealers can get the custom coloured hope wheels, Mountain Trax in wokingham occasionally stocks them but had run out when i was in there today http://www.mountain-trax.com/product/3409/Hope_Pro_2_WSet_Custom_Colour

    Might be worth a phone call tomorrow though

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    OK, no coloured hubs apart from a few special dealers in pairs, fair enough.

    What about the Wheelies question, anyone used them? Or any other tips for cheap Flow rims?

    As mentioned above, colours are available from Hope Tech shops, you can find a list of tech shops from the website http://www.hopegb.com/ tab on the right.

    Mr 18 Bikes – can you get the white Stans Flow rims on hope hoops?? (not too bothered about hub colour)



    I'm sure http://www.justridingalong.com/shop.php?product=200 can do exactly what you want ie:- white flows on blue pro 2's if you are prepared to pay them for a custom build.


    CRC did my blue hope build – not white rims though, although they did have white DT4.2's Paid £235 for the set delivered (with Christmas 10% discount) – but please don't tell the wife. She thinks they're second hand and I seemed to miss off the 2 from the price :mrgreen:

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    JRA work out very expensive on a custom build. Think I'll just go for the rims for now and build them onto my XT hubs myself – It's the rims that I really need/want as my 717s are a touch narrow for the tyres I like to run. Blingy hubs are just a nice-to-have which I can always get in 6 months time.

    Premier Icon ratadog

    Has anyone used a place/shop called Wheelies? (www.wheelies.co.uk)

    Wheelies detail their history on their website. Basically, as I understand it, they got into the market of supplying replacement bikes for insurance companies so that rather than dealing with a few manufacturers they deal with everyone you have ever heard of and then some. More recently they have started offering employers a managed cycle to work scheme and that is how I came across them when my NHS employer used them to do a scheme. I asked for a Montague Paratrooper AKA Swissbike ( big bloke needs folding bike ) and they supplied one from their warehouse which is better than the importers could manage.

    They were fine to deal with and the whole scheme ran like clockwork. Obviously, it is only one experience but I would have no worries about dealing with them again myself.

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    Thanks for sharing that ratadog, think I'll order a couple of rims from them then as they seem very cheap.


    Sorry, I may have missed the boat on this subject but I've only just set us up as STW members. We have a set of Hope Hoops with white flows/red hubs instock:

    Hope Hoops

    Hope have been out of stock of black flow rims for about a month so we built these up as an alternative. White rims aren't everyones bag but they do look bling. Supplied with Q/R and 20mm conversion and spare spokes delivered free in a Hope Hoops box.

    Moonglu – thanks for the email.

    I'm very interested in those wheels but am just trying to sort out my finances and see if I can get the cash together any time soon. I'll let you know asap. thanks

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