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    Unscrew the inner bolt until the collar is loose and can be easily compressed. Might need a bit of persuasion with a rubber mallet to insert it in the steerer. A chopstick up the steerer can be useful to press against the lower nut if it won’t tighten.

    Technically you don’t really need the o-ring it’s only there to hold the bits together.

    Technically you don’t even need a headset adjuster but that’s another story.

    Had this problem last weekend. I put a light smear of grease around it, loosened the bolt right off, pushed it in as far as the O ring, then just eased the O ring with a small screwdriver in as I pushed it down. I found the trick was not to push it in too far too quickly which completely traps the O ring at one point

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    Greased the o-ring and used a screwdriver to feed it in and job was a good ‘un until I realised I had it upside down! Doh! 😳

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    Is there a nack to getting them in? Can’t get the o-ring into the steerer 🙁

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    (when it’s in, be sure to overtighten and then post up here that the bolts are made of cheese)

    File a leading edge on the inside of the steerer tube.

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    I cut a lead-in chamfer (with a knife) on to the inside of the steerer tube – helped big time. It will give smoother results than a file.

    Grease up the lead-in and the o-ring then loosen and compress the conic edge assembly gubbins.

    FWIW the hed Doctor was more faff to put in than I rememberd (had one many moons ago); might not bother next time.

    It does sound like you have it sorted now, but I have found that google loves to index singletrackworld threads.

    For the future!

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    Ummm.. I *think* I removed the rubber O ring and it worked a treat.

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    Yep all sorted thanks

    Did file down the steerer to give it a bit of a slope to drop into. Worked a charm and made it quite easy.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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