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  • ha! ive got it sorted in my head now, i was getting it confused in my head etc so im 100% clear now whats happened!

    nope, dont need an adaptor for the new forks, literally just this 1.5 split race thingy!

    will be getting a proper hope one too this time, even if i buy it myself!

    ps, can you not buy just the split race seperately??? my terrible google skills havent found anything?

    haha, ive only managed to find the crown race for 1.5 i cant find the seal bit that goes over the top of it?


    i may as well just leave my current forks like this now, as they still work i guess

    and when i get my new forks next week ill just need to get a split race (crown race and seal) and all will be dandy!


    Re. your current set up, the info on this link pretty well explains it:


    thankyou walleater – it seems like that is pretty much identical to my current setup, and does the job of reducer/crown race all in one…. i didnt think to be honest it would be a bodge job with my lbs (or i would have been pretty shocked if it was), so im satisfied that its actually ok to leave that for the time being now

    ill get a 1.5 split race for the new ones though and a hope one at that!

    again guys, this forum can be full of shite sometimes, but then you ask a genuine techy type question and with 20 mins you have sorted the whole thing out!

    cheers guys!


    The seal is on that crown race from hope matey.

    You don’t need a separate seal.


    mosey just to check if i order that i dont need a seperate seal then? its all built in is what your saying? even better if so!


    Yep the black bit is the seal.

    Out of stock there mate, get it from the google link (crc) below:


    mosey on the hope tech, it says crown race outer seal, and then crown race like they are two seperate things


    if you look at the diagram

    the crc one sort of all looks built into one or is it just the digram has seperated them, or is the tapered version different than the pic?

    i will get it from there, ill try hope first see if they can help if not ill order it from CRC!

    thanks again, i promise that last question above is the final one on the matter ha!


    The pic I put on my bit earlier was the same as above, I promise you the seal and the crown race are one and the same part.

    The hope tech sheet is an exploded version showing each and every part.

    🙂 I wouldn’t bother with Hope mate, just buy one. Technically it’s the bike shop who has yours not hope.


    mosey you are a legend! serisouly thank you so much for the help, i will get one from the shop no sweat, thinking about the diagram hope always do exploded diagrams so makes sense!

    and whats more i dont need a new bottom cup either, so its been very much worth posting the pics to you, ive gone from being confused to knowing exactly what mine has currently, and what i now need for my new forks (a simple split race for £~5!)

    thanks again mosey, for patience, help and pics!



    I’ve had so much help from this site so it’s nice I can help back.

    Plus I only know because I was in the same confused state a few months back 😉

Viewing 12 posts - 41 through 52 (of 52 total)

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