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  • From the report off a mate today. Terrible.

    He did the bolts up to the correct torque and they slipped on the bar. He torqued them a tiny bit more and they stripped. And no he’s lost a bar end cap. He’s busy buying some ODIs now. 😆

    Premier Icon simmy

    I like mine but I was lifting the bike over a gate a few weeks back and the end cap caught and fell off.

    Snapped one side of the actual grip where the end cap slots in clean off. I jammed it in and its stayed on so far……

    The actual grips are really nice and grippy but, despite being a Hope fan, I don’t think I will buy another pair as you have to replace the lot when worn out.

    Was literally about to order a set from bike tart, back to google to find something else now.


    I fancied some because the grip area looks to extend to the very end of the bar…

    Up off now tho…. 😐


    Mine have been ok so far. No slipping, nice feel and survived punching a few rocks and trees already. I chose them because I tend to let the edge of my hands hang off the ends and outer lockrings usually just cause me annoyance.


    Any body using them? Any good?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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