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  • Hope front hubs. Are they different widths ?
  • Well they obviously are, because mine's too wide.
    I bought a Hope hub off ebay with 20mm adapters.
    I bought some QR adapters and I've just had it built in to a wheel, but it's too wide to fit in my forks.
    I've measured across the overall width of the hub and across the bearings.
    The whole thing seems to be about 5mm wider than another Hope hub I have got, otherwise, it looks exactly the same.
    Hope's website isn't much help in identifying which hub I have got and makes no mention of different widths.
    Are there adapters available to make it fit ?
    I suspect not, because the disc face to bearing dimension looks the same on both hubs, so any difference is going to have to be taken up entirely on the non disc side.

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    You did remove the 20mm adaptors?

    Have you pushed the QR adaptors right in?

    Were the bearings/inner sleeve correctly installed?

    Is it a Pro2 – and what forks have you got?

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    I'd take it to bits & rebuild it again – it's only a 10min job

    Yes, I would be impossible to fit both at once.

    Yes, and I have measured everything separately. The hub is definitely about 5mm wider.

    Yes, there is no gap between the bearing and sleeve.

    I don't know what model of hub it. How do I identify it ? Rock Shox Reba.

    I've taken it to bits and checked everything several times.

    From the disc face to the outer face on the other side on the hub that fits is 77mm.
    On the hub that doesn't fit, it is 82mm.
    It's not a problem with the bearings or spacer not being fitted properly.
    The actual hub body is 5mm wider.

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    Pro 11 hubs usually have it etched on them, I suspect you may possibly have a BULB hub which requires different(screw together axle)qr adaptors, anybody with one(or both types) care to back this up?

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    well it'll be a bulb or pro II (or maybe big un but I reckon you'd know if it was that)

    Is it possible to fit proII adaptors to a bulb (or vice versa)? – I guess they might "fit" but not be correct

    The only markings are "HOPE" in big letters, "Made in the UK" in tiny letters above and "05-03-BL" in tiny letters below.

    Would that be this one then ?
    So I want parts #4 ?

    The spacers I bought are an identical pair and look like the smaller one of the two on that page.

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    "05-03-BL" in tiny letters below.

    I think that makes it a Bulb – made in May 2003

    These are the spacers I bought.

    It looks like things are not as bad as I first thought, I thought I was going to have to buy another hub and get the wheel rebuilt again.
    If I buy that bulb adapter I linked to, the hub will fit then ? Can someone confirm this for definite as I've already wasted £15 on the wrong adapters.
    And the next question. Where do I get one ?

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    Probably unlikely to get them from stock nowadays, but any Hope bealer could order them(almost certain we've got a full hub in stock that I may be allowed to rob if you have no luck elsewhere, but would have to confirm with Hope for availability of replacements).

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    Sounds like you've got Pro2 spacers and a Bulb hub.

    The Pro2 takes the same size spacer on both sides.
    The Bulb takes one spacer thats the same size as a Pro2 and one that's shorter.


    I'd get one of the spacers shortened to the correct length.
    I can measure one for you if you need me to?

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    ssstu, I think OP is trying to make it into a QR hub, not a 20mm

    Thanks for the offer both.
    I did a quick google search for "hope hub415" and only found one UK supplier listing that part number.

    That looks like the best option so far, although it's another £15 so my cheap ebay wheel is not so cheap now.
    Failing that, I may take you up on that, coatesy. I can send you a pair of 20mm adapters as PX if they're any good to you.

    SSS, there's a shoulder under the flange, but it's only about 3mm thick. Machining 5mm off would remove that shoulder and the flange. There would be nothing left to butt against the bearing. It's all got to come off the non disc side as the bearing to disc mount face dimension on the disc side is correct.

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    I've just re-read the OP and you seem to be right.

    If he can't get a Bulb adaptor I bet it wouldn't be that difficult to machine a Pro2 spacer to the right length though.

    Edit again for crossed posts.

    I'll take some pics of the spacer tomorrow. I bet you could machine the dropout side of the spacer to fit.

    Yes, I bought a hub with 20mm adapters and I wanted to convert it to QR.

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    surely if the hub was listed as a pro2 on ebay you'd have grounds for a refund?

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    was going to post a link to CRS/wiggle etc but all o/s – found this one though and I guess there'll be others (or contact coatesy?)

    (or post the 20mm kit as a swopsie on classifieds as most people seem to go the other way)

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    I have a bulb qr axel if you require it?

    hungry monkey, I bought the wheel ages ago with the intention of building a DH bike.
    That never happened, so I used the hub to get a spare pair of 29" wheels built.
    It's so long ago, that I can't remember exactly what it was advertised as. Probably just as a Hope hub without specifying the model, so I can't blame the seller.

    scaredypants, a swap on the classified sounds like the best bet.

    Xposted with plecostomus.
    Sale or swap my 20mm adapters ?
    Either way I'm interested.
    Where are you. I'm in Worcestershire.

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    I'm in Bristol I have spare pro 2 20mm shoulders so how about five of the queens finest English pounds posted to you?

    OK, and just to confirm, before I go and get it wrong again, it's definitely part hub415 on this page you've got.

    I'm off out any minute now, I'll email you in an hour or so to swap addresses.

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