Hope freehub body – getting the bearing race out- collapsed bearing.

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  • Hope freehub body – getting the bearing race out- collapsed bearing.
  • globalti

    Why not contact Hope? They are renowned for their excellent after-sales service.

    Otherwise you might need to bodge some kind of L shaped tool. It would need to be tough though – how about heating up an old screwdriver and bending it into an angle? Or a big iron nail flattened at the tip then bent? If you hammered it in a vice it might have enough strength to enable you to tap round the bearing and ease it out bit by bit to the point where you can get something straight onto it and do the proper butchery.


    “blind bearing puller” is the tool you need.
    Got any mechanic/engineer friends, they might have one or ask for help at any local engineering workshop. At worst SSC sell one, which looks pretty good value.


    Good point – I had forgotten about our excellent chums in Barnoldswick. A call awaits – thanks for reminding me of the obvious!


    Morning All

    The inboard bearing on the Hope Bulb has collapsed and left the outer ball race stuck in at the ‘inner’ end of the hub body i.e. against the flange. Any ideas on to how to get it out? Any striking tool goes in at too strange an angle to work and there’s naff all of an edge to rest the striking face of a tool on.

    Open to any ideas, preferably involving drinking port and eating stilton, but accpet it’s more likely to involve some sort of ‘gear puller’ arrangement.

    Many thanks



    Or try one of those metal expanding rawl plug style bolts for securing anchors in concrete walls?

    Screw the bolt into the expanding section just enough so that it grips the bearing surface and the tap the whole thing through.

    Similar to a bling bearing puller, but a fraction of the cost.


    What about a washer big enough to seat on the race with the sides ground off to allow access through the race. You will then need to come up with a way of drawing it out.
    Check out the 3rd post down on this page. its the same principal as used on fork stantion bushing removal.




    hillsplease, what did the Hope folk say? Did you get it sorted? I’ve got the same problem at the mo. Cheers


    +1^ for the rawl bolt method…Dead simple..


    I’ve used a length of 10mm (I think)stainless rod,the end ground at an angle so it bites better, and notched to give a better angle for tapping them out. It’s much easier if you don’t try and get an extra year’s life out of worn bearings 😉

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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