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  • Hope.. doing motorcycle trials stuff?
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    had wondered why this was’nt happening more.. after all renthal have seen the potential of the push bike market..
    http://www.teamcecotto.com/cecottonews/psoc11f2.htm ( check out the Montesa)


    Seem to remember that the founders of Hope originally came from a motorcycle trials background, and thought (rightly) that mountain bike brakes were crap so designed and made their own.


    Doesnt Dougie Lampkin have a loose connection to Hope?

    Hope have beendoing trials odds and sods for years. Mainly to justify making bits for there own bikes. 😀

    Some crossover back again – some folk have been experimenting with using motorcycle trials brakes on tandems


    Lovely looking bike that Montessa. I have hub envy. One of the nice things about being in Andorra last week was seeing high street shops selling trials bikes and posters advertising them.


    im 99% sure Hope had something to do with the billet parts Wayne Braybrook was selling under the name of REP.
    One of the Hope founders was a shoolboy champ back in the day.
    That 4RT sure looks cool but it would last one lap in any northen center.

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    Happens all the time around here.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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